What do I make of this brand? I had heard of it, but wasn’t really sure of what ‘Sustainable Fashion’ is, till the time I came across the label,‘KASHA INDIA’ by Karishma Shahani Khan. When I did my quick research, I found that it’s a Pune based designer brand that brings to life natural textiles and Indian heirlooms. Okay. I thought must be a little too subtle, underplayed, and way too sober for an urban woman and not sure if it would appeal to the aesthetic senses of a modern woman who wishes to stand out wherever she may stand. !!! 🙂

But one look at her collections and I was dumb found. My first thought after seeing the garments was, ” Oh Gosh ! these are way ahead of their times.” I had definitely gauged it all wrong. The colors were extremely vibrant and vivid but at the same time not too loud or pompous. These were truly made for an urban woman with a rich sense of taste and style and who knew she was class apart without pronouncing it out loud.

Every garment in the collection has a uniqueness of its own, and shall only be befitting of a woman who has a strong understanding and acknowledgement of her unique individuality. The silhouettes, patterns and designs have all been crafted keeping in mind the rich heritage of India, yet the idea of localization beautifully transformed into globalization has not been lost. The brand also endorses the concept of ‘Sustainable Fashion’ to its reach, a concept that is gaining mass media coverage and attention of the fashion labels in recent times.

‘ Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. In practice, this implies continuous work to improve all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components.’

Sustainable Fashion

I hope you like these looks that I have created with a few of the outfits from the designer’s collection. Do comment below.

Stay healthy and glowing, till next time,

Love, Garima // LadyInRoseGold