We were sitting over a cup of coffee the other day, me and my friend and just over our usual conversation (that sometimes extends to more than a couple of hours, without we even realizing) we just happened to wonder, how fast times have changed? And for the good, too.

Till some years back, if you had a wedding at home or a friend’s wedding to attend, it was a mammoth task to finalize your outfits and looks for all the functions in time. There would be weeks and weeks of touring around across all the popular markets in the city and then you would finally zero down on 4-5 looks. The looks would still at best only consist of a few suits, sarees and a lehenga, probably for the D-day. And in case someone wanted to really stand out and try something different, the best they could do was go to a designer boutique in the vicinity and try and explain your vision to them or better ask them to create an exact replica of a style you have seen in a pic. That was all about the wedding dressing. No experiments, majorly similar styles got from similar markets, with no levels of personal creativity, experimentation or customization involved.


But cut to the present scenario. I am amazed by the number of designers available. and it so pleases my heart to see that even the budding ones are so talented. Most of them have such a sound understanding of fashion, have a flair for creativity and aren’t shy at all to experiment. Rather they are bursting with ideas and the desire to create something unique and superior. So, in case you have a wedding at home, it’s actually a fun activity to explore some of the interesting designers and creations, try out what styles suit you and then pick your choice. The looks can be completely customized with a lot of scope to experiment, try out something new for each of the function and lets you even dress up like a celebrity all ready to walk down the red carpet !. No, seriously, these designers actually make you feel like one when you walk down in their creation.

I recently came across these two designers whose outfits I really loved because they have a lot of grace to them and also a larger than life feel. One is the designer brand ‘Pleats’ by Kaksha and Dimple whom I had been following for quite some time and was completely mesmerized by the enchanting princess like feel of their outfits. The detailing on their outfits is completely superlative and I find the color palettes of their garments also quite unique. The second one is ‘Itraake’ by Shefali Nangia. It’s a Delhi based designer label and the outfits have a very diva like feel to them. It is like wearing an Indian outfit, and still not looking traditional at all.

Hope you like the looks I created with both the outfits.

Lots of love,