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I still remember when I was young, like very young, almost in Class V, my Mom, for the very first time took me to a Salon to get a professional haircut done. That was my first official haircut that I was getting done from a hairdresser sitting in the comforts of a salon. Till then, either my strands had just been growing left, right and centre or occasionally mom would give them a forceful trim, working off her half- polished half- naive hair dresser skills on my much loved tresses. I was gleaming with joy getting it done from someone who was actually a ‘HAIRDRESSER’, like in the real sense, like what it really means to be a hairdresser. 

I have been overtly emotional about my tresses since very early on and it still continues to this day. I believe all the girls are like this. So here’s what happened next, I sat on that black chair and the black Salon Scarf was tied around my neck. The guy sprayed water from a bottle and wet my hair. SO FANCY. I had below shoulder length hair then and I was wishfully dreaming of which haircut to get. A U-CUT, V-CUT or a STEP CUTTING. SO FANCY AGAIN. After a lot of mulling and deep consideration, I finally decided to go for a step cut. WOW. Step cut on my hair. Would look WONDERFUL. Like all the senior girls in the school had. I could fancy soft strands of hair flowing downwards like waves. How very stylish ! And just as I was about to announce my deeply thought-over decision to everyone present in the room – the Hair dresser, the Salon Owner Lady and THE MOM (Me sitting in the centre of all the attention); the guy asked Mom, “Ma’m kya haircut karna hai”. And within a time frame even shorter than a nano-second, Mom replied, “Blunt cut kardo, bachi bachi lagegi. Abhi 5th class mein hi hai naa.” I requested, ” Mom please Step Cut kara do, bohot acha lagta hai.” But Mom had made up her mind. And so had the Aunt at the Salon. ” Step cut toh bade bacche karate hain”. And the hairdresser, in a rush to obey the commandment of his lady boss, quickly started chopping off my hair. Strands and strands of hair were being cut. Chopped strands falling off onto the floor just like tears constantly falling off my eyes. I would look down below on the floor and cry even more. My beautiful tresses laid all around, Lifeless and so detached. I couldn’t even touch them. It was a difficult sight to bear. And I just couldn’t hold my tears. I still remember, it was five in the evening. Finally, what I had with me, before starting to go off back to the home was short hair, very short hair, a blunt cut that ended 5 inches above my shoulder. 


It was a very gloomy day. I couldn’t stop crying all evening, all night. My heart was broken, my dreams shattered, my hair gone. oh hell ya, my hair gone. The pain of the loss was too poignant. Next day early morning at 5, I just woke up with a sudden rush. Still sub-conscious, I touched the ends of my hair. They were too short for me to play with them. The realization of them gone, hit even harder. I went to the living room and with my face in the palm of my hand, started crying again. It was a loud cry. Painful and very remorse. The room was dark but my heart was too overwhelmed with grief to bother about anything else.  It took me days to make peace with my now short hair and the ‘ BLUNT CUT’. It was only after Mom convinced me enough that they would grow back very very soon and that this time they would be much healthier and shinier than before, could I come to terms with it. 

I am a grown up woman now and have made several trips to salons since then to get my hair cut and styled. But to this date, I have never mustered the courage to get more than a few inches chopped off the length. That’s the kind of an emotional bond that a woman shares with her hair. Maybe, my bond is a little too emotional and hyper-sensitive but nevertheless. 

To take good care of my mane and keep them healthy, I do get them their rich dozens of protein and other nourishment. So, recently I partnered with Keratase Official Indi and undertook a Keratin treatment at Neusalonz Salon, Gurgaon. It was fabulous session that lasted for about 3 hours and my hair felt so soft, supple and nourished after that. Enjoy the after-pics of the treatment and do remember to love your crowning glory as much as you can. To know all about taking care of your colored hair at home, read on ‘Everything you need to know about how to take care of your COLORED HAIR.’

Healthy & shiny hair to one & all,


Garima // LadyInRoseGold