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TO BE or NOT TO BE – a Fashion Blogger

I thought, I thought, and I thought even more. Incessantly. For days at a stretch, weeks and even for more than a couple of months now. But I just couldn’t convince myself to be a Fashion Blogger, just a Fashion Blogger ? Or maybe the title of this career choice doesnt really aptly define what I exactly want to do. I can’t be just about fashion. So her is, what the real dilemma is.

Please hear me out.

I wish to talk about my sartorial choices and showcase them on a larger platform. I really do want to. And this passion stems from a very strong desire and a deep inclination to express myself, connect with the world (especially the fellow women), tell stories, share my experiences and build lots more through the journey. It’s so fascinating to build a family this way, impact lives, mainfest positivity , exchange energies, emotions, warmth, and even learn a bit from each other all along the way. And though I am neck down deep in love with fashion and all that’s trending in the day and not to miss that entire ‘feel good about yourself vibe’ around dressing up, the thought that has been baffling me for so long is that how can JUST fashion as a subject define my whole identity as a woman or the identity of any other woman for that matter. I think my BEING is so much more extended beyond fashion, or style or a particular lifestyle.

How to be a Fashion Blogger
How to be a Fashion Blogger
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I am just not about what I wear, how I look, which trends I follow, or how well I carry myself. Hence, that can’t be the ONLY way to depict my life, my daily chores, my means of connecting with other fellow women, the whole idea of being an INFLUENCER to other people’s lives. I am more about ME, about my uniqueness, my distinctive self, my absolute ‘BEING’ in totality, which whether GOOD or BAD, belongs to me and I take a lot of PRIDE in. And isn’t this the way how exactly every girl or woman should be made to feel about herself. Though I always propogate that each one of us should look our stylish and presentable best most of the times, make an effort to ‘look good’ because that is also a huge contributor in making ourselves ‘feel good’ about us, but over the years I have realised that going easy on one self once in a while and not looking that great either doesn’t really hurt much. To those who love and cherish you, you would always be the most beautiful and pleasant person around. Atleast, that’s how it should be !

So, whether I look good or bad (to others), dress up keeping in with times or not, follow the latest fashion fads or not, I would still be a gorgeously stunning woman, whose comfortable in her own skin, because thats what I BELIVE I AM.

Just a crisp disclaimer at the beginning : ‘LadyInRoseGold’ is not for girls, this blog would always be for WOMEN. And for us, real women are the ones, who are strong and delicate at the same time, are real in their thoughts as well as visions, have a progressive mindset and most important of all, are not insecure or wary of each other. They can move around without makeup, though they love to deck up but also take pride in their natural beauty and have lots and lots more to discuss. We all are immensely gorgeous both inside and outside, it’s just that few of us are better equipped with the art and skill of presenting ourselves better. WOMEN as such are the most beautiful creation of God in all respects and it’s high time we celebrate our existence, our beauties, our brains, our emotional quotients and refuse to bow down to any internal/external factors that make us feel otherwise.

How to be a Fashion Blogger

Through this blog , I would like to address some interesting observations, trends, emotions, fashion reviews, and anything closely or remotely related to BEING A WOMAN. Let’s celebrate the natural glory of womanhood. Men are most welcome to be our audience, but engagement and interaction with fellow women is what we primarily seek.

Till my next post, stay lovely you gorgeousness.


Garima// LadyInRoseGold