How to make a fashion statement in an ANARKALI SUIT

If I have been following fashion trends right, Anarkali suits are one Indian wear attire that never goes out of fashion. I have been seeing women around me wearing it since years. The styles and few of the nuances keep changing here and there, but the silhouette never goes out of fashion. Since I am tall and lean, 5’8 inches almost, I have always been a little inclined towards flaunting an Anarkali suit as it further enhances my tall frame. I love that free flow of the suit. The more voluminous or kalidaar, as they say,  it is, the better it looks. I particularly love those floor touching, full length Anarkali suits, where in you have to wear some really long heels to keep them just a little over the ground surface.

For my cousin’s wedding recently, I decided to wear a heavy Anarkali suit, rather than some Indian lehenga. I bought this one particular suit from Designer Ohaila Khan because one, I fell in love with the colour of it instantly; and second, because it was such a classic and versatile piece that I could wear it on quite a few occasions, without the fear of it looking dated.

Detailings on the Anarkali Suit

When it comes to Anarkali suits, the perfect fit is a must. It should accentuate your body type. No guesses, Anarkali suits do come out better on taller girls with leaner frames, but they also look really well on curvaceous bodies. Also, the fact that they add a lot of height to the overall look, makes them work well for not so tall women as well. But yes, one needs to carry it with some grace and elegance to do full justice to the silhouette. Add to that, I do have some special love for suits with full sleeves. They add a lot more delicate feminity to the whole look. You must notice the embroidery details on the  sleeves. So chic and classy they look

Sitting pretty in the Anarkali suit from designer Ohaila Khan

I already knew about designer Ohaila Khan beforehand. She is based out of Mumbai and has a physical store there but also retails through Pernia’s Pop Up shop, Aza Fashions, Aashni & Co and Carma Online. My first reaction at seeing her collections was elegant, and regal. Her outfits have a certain sort of authority to them. They speak of belonging to some class. The work is minimal yet elegant. I found the colour of this particular Anarkali suit very vivacious and flirty. I knew it would stand out in a gathering. It has a distinctive tangerine undertone to it. Though it might look a little loud in the images, it was a very subtle shade in real, not glaring to the eye at all. I loved the embroidery on the suit.

Full look of the Anarkali Suit

I kept the styling simple. Even the dupatta of the suit was quite heavy, hence, I decided to keep the jewellery minimal. I put on the lip shade in the same bright colour as the suit as it was a night function and I wanted to wear a bright lip. But otherwise if you wear neutrals or go in for a bronzed dewy makeup with lots of highlighter, that will also look well with this outfit. An eye shadow in this bright colour and a nude lip will also complement it well.

I hope you guys liked this look. There is actually no rocket science to flaunting an Anarkali suit. Just make sure that the fall and the fit of the suit enhances your body type and falls well on your curves. And also, the colour is of importance here. Choose a colour palette that suits your skin tone and looks good on you. If you are really fond of wearing Indian outfits, you would also enjoy reading my other blog post  – ‘How to look stunning in Indian Outfits’.

Till then, enjoy this look.


Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold