What to wear for your first romantic DINNER DATE

Love is special and the way it overwhelms your heart, nothing else does. And so does everything that being in love brings with itself. That togetherness, warmth, romantic banter, dinner dates, long chats on call. Everything has a charm and bewitching effect of its own.

I certainly love dressing up for my man. But I keep it a mix of his likes and preferences and also my own personal taste. I usually like to keep things elegant, classy and very graceful. My dressing is never over the top. And thankfully, my man also has a very similar rich taste in things. So, happy as it makes me, most often he likes and approves of what I wear and the way I carry myself.

Though, flashback to our first romantic dinner date, I was all baffled and freaked out about what to wear. It was our dinner date together, but I was also supposed to be introduced to a few of his close friends. I wanted to make an impression and look chic yet not make the whole come across as too efforted. A woman must look like she has put in an effort to dress up for her man, yet not come across that she is not confident in her own skin and is trying too hard. After some thought, I decided too not wear something absolutely out of my comfort zone yet try and look very well put together.

After much thought and trying out a few looks and making my entire home go nuts over my dinner date frenzy, I finally decided upon this dress from Attic Salt. It just falls perfectly fit into the image I had in mind of my first dinner date outfit. Its sexy, sultry, yet elegant at the same time.

For the makeup, I went with my classic soft pink lips look. I was planning to go for a black smoky eye with neutral lips. But then, the overall look would have probably looked a lit too black for the first dinner date. But I am definitely going to try out that look with this dress soon. For the accessories, this dress need no adornments. You might be tempted to wear a choker or some nice earrings, but some sexy collar bones and those robust shoulders would do more justice to highlight the sensuality of this look than anything else.

I styled the hair in natural waves and left them open. Else, one can also tie them into a sleek low bun. This would put all the attention on your face and your shoulders and would complement the overall look better. Else sleekly done straight hair would also go well with this look.

Dinner date
  • Stick to your own style. Experiment but only to the extent that you are comfortable with.
  • Don’t go overboard in anything. It is better to be minimalistic than trying out too much of something
  • Keep the makeup minimal. Don’t try out any new makeup hack that you have seen in those online tutorials. Stick to what you know the best and are perfect at.
  • Keep the hair looking chic and stylish and well done. But again, don’t go overboard with hair curls and accessories.
  • For the outfit, steer clear of a too revealing look. You don’t wish to look like trying too hard. Yet make sure you look like someone who knows her fashion choices well and has a strong personal style of her own.
  • Look well groomed. Have your manicure and pedicure done. Ensure to drink lots of water so that your skin looks healthy and glows naturally.
  • Pay attention to your accessories like your shoes, bag and jewellery. Try to avoid anything too loud or jazzy. Also, do wear comfortable heels on that dinner date. Hells that are not too short or too high. Heels add a natural grace and eloquence to your walk and keeps your posture straight as well.

Most importantly, look beautiful, but feel confident too. He has liked for some reason. Nothing attracts like a woman with confidence. Put that effort into dressing up for him, but after that don’t be conscious about anything. Men like women who are confident and know their minds. Read more about how to stay fashionable, in the category ‘FASHION‘ .


Lots of Love,