How am I keeping up with my EXERCISE ROUTINE even in Lockdown

Nobody could have thought Year 2020 could turn out this way. On New Year’s Eve on 31st December, 2019, when we were all partying our way hard to the New Years, wishing our loved ones a ‘Happy and Prosperous 2020’, who could have fathomed, what we were all getting into. Come March and we were in for the most unprecedented times that our generation and even the prior ones to us have ever witnessed. We were marching our way into the days of a Global Pandemic. As India announced the World’s toughest Lockdown period on 22nd March 2020, we all got a concrete message conveyed that this is going to be one long fight against the novel Corona virus. 2 months down the lane and seems like we have gradually begun to adapt ourselves into this new way of life.

Staying at home for most of the times is going to be the new norm. Though this is coming tougher on some of us who are outgoing Social extroverts, there is no escaping this situation. If you want to be safe, you better be at home. Casually socializing with our loved ones and having a gala time in a party or a club seems to be far-fetched dream for now. Leave partying, one has to be cautious of the Social Distancing norms even being amongst the colleagues and work force at office.

Stretching Exercise at home

In this phase of staying home, I am definitely missing my work, my friends, but also my gym. I have always been a fitness freak and regular exercise tops my list of to-do activities. Eat clean, exercise 5 days a week and sleep well has been my unquestionable way of life for years. I do believe that what you eat and how disciplined you live your life definitely shows up in your demeanor. And exercise is a very integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Being fitness conscious, I used to love my gym workouts before the lockdown phase of course. I would be a regular at the gym, spending one hour each for five days a week. My exercise regime was quite varied so that the work outs don’t get monotonous. My trainer would also be as excited and geared up about my workouts as I would be, and we would together have a rigorous and a very effective one hour exercise session. For the uninitiated, working out in any form, releases happy hormones called endorphins, and they are extremely important to our physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise is your answer to a lot of body and mind related diseases and also wards of any unnecessary stress or negativity.

But with lockdown, like millions of people around, I too have been missing out on my gym routine. So, I decided to do some sort of basic exercises at home only, so that I can still maintain some optimum levels of fitness.

  • With a lot of time in hand, rather than investing 5 days in a week I have increased to 6 days of exercise.
  • These are times of anxiety, uncertainty, and a lot of mental stress. To keep all of this at bay, it is extremely crucial to exercise. It Will definitely pay off in long run
  • Rather than sticking to one form of exercise, I have decided to keep it varied and interesting.
  • I have divided my week into exercise schedule of Yoga, Cardio, Circuit Training, Body Weight Training, and Stretching exercises.
  • For years I had wanted to learn meditation but probably couldn’t get the time to or maybe didn’t have a strong enough inclination. This lockdown phase prompted me to take that up with full dedication. Each day, I invest 30 mins to meditate and turn a little inwards to find that calm and peace of mind.
  • The days I do not feel like engaging myself into rigorous exercise, I go for a walk. Even if there is paucity of enough open space, figure out a way to walk indoors. I have been walking back and forth on my terrace. They say, walking brings peace to your mind as much as meditation does. It opens up your brain and helps to alleviate clarity of thought.

Exercise regularly at home, even in Lockdown


We have to admit, there would be some drastic changes in our lifestyles and the way world operates as a whole. It is prudent to accept this fact sooner than later and accustom ourselves to this new way of life. There are a lot of things happening around that we have no direct control over. But what we can maneuver well and make it work in our favour is our mind, body and our perspectives. Take control over all of these as they would prove to be your strongest support systems in these difficult times. I have certainly had my share of learnings in this Lockdown period, and I have decided to follow up and keep up with these lessons taught forever in my life now. Read my other blog, ‘What have these 60 days in LOCKDOWN taught me about life’ under the Blog Category ‘MUSINGS’.

Stay Home and Stay Safe