What could be the FUTURE of Fashion Industry if CORONA stays on

Yes, we are living in the times of the novel Covid- 19. No matter what we say, we all are scared and anxious of what lies ahead. No one can predict that to absolute precision. Current times are definitely tough and testing for all of us on one level or the other. Healthcare industry is a concern and is being unable to manage the outburst of Corona cases. All other industries, be it restaurants, malls, manufacturing, service industry or education is suffering and facing an all time low. All brands and institutions are just struggling hard as to how to make a comeback and sustain themselves. The situation is new and grave for everyone. Being from the fashion industry, the future of Fashion does concern me to a large extent. Like everything around right now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for us. It does look vague at the moment, but a few drastic changes are for certain.

1. Minimalism would trend high, keeping up with the trends might not be the trend anymore -

Up till now, it was always about keeping up with trends. The closet needed to have an upgraded wardrobe with hot trending styles. Future of fashion would not be about trends anymore. It would be about an eternal individualistic style that you do not need to upgrade all the time.

Future of Fashion

Minimalism is the future of fashion

2. Fast Fashion would be out; focus would be on the Classics –

This was long overdue. Never the one to follow fast fashion, I have always preferred buying less but investing in brands of high worth. For the uninitiated, producing fast fashion products, puts on a lot of hazard on our environment and adds to the pollution and degeneration on all levels. Future of fashion would certainly have the concept of fast fashion becoming obsolete and widely unappreciated. Rather we are sure to incline ourselves heavily towards sustainable fashion that believes in fashion that is conscious and easy on our environment and ecosystem

Future of Fashion

Say NO to Fast Fashion

3. Trying out outfits before you purchase might not be an option anymore –

The reason I consciously keep myself away from Online Shopping is because you cannot try on the garment beforehand. I am of the school of thought that one does need to be sure of the size, fit and overall look before making the purchase. But this luxury of physical shopping is going to end now. With most of the brands prohibiting the trials, and rightly so for the safety of their customers, we would have to just go and pick our purchases rather than trying out a lot of pieces. Also, in all likelihood Online Shopping would get more customers than physical shopping as what is the point of visiting stores if you do not get to try out the garments.

Zara store

Online shopping over physical store shopping

4. ‘I do not repeat my looks’ would not be the saying anymore –

With the rise of Social Media obsession and those ‘Outfit of the Day’ images raking in huge likes, girls were refraining from repeating their outfits and looks. But now amidst the Corona pandemic, the future of Fashion lies in stylish versatile pieces of clothing. With lesser number of outfits in our wardrobe, we would be pushed to get innovative and repeat our outfits with smart styling each time.

Repeating outfits is the new 'Future of Fashion'

5. Luxury brands would still be there, but their clientele numbers would drastically go down –

For high end brands like Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, we predict that their prices would still remain high and for the elite, but the number of people affording them or believing in investing in them, might go down considerably. Also, because with economy getting hit hard, people might find it futile to spend so extravagantly on luxury items.

‘According to a report by BoF and Mckinsey, consumers are expected to cut spending on apparel and footwear by up to 30 percent this year. Brands can’t count on an unexpected swift recovery; they need to prepare for a long struggle.’


Future of Fashion Industry

6. There might be the rise of some new styles and trends popularized due to the global pandemic -

In situations of global adversities of huge magnitude where there is mass suffering, it has been seen the past that people resort to fashion to express themselves and find an escape. New fashion trends tend to boom in such times. Also, the global economic, political, and social events also affect the fashion scene of that era to quite an extent. Like in 1940, amidst the World War 2. With German invasion of Polland, a lot of fashion trends were impacted by Adolf Hitler. The rationing of materials used in garment production during World War II introduced a new simplicity in women’s clothing. Hemlines rose and decorative elements disappeared, creating the emergence of a classic style. Shorter hemlines, simple lines due to rationed materials, longer hair styles, shoulder pads and emphasis on the legs were some of the trends that typified the image of women’s fashion in that era. This global pandemic situation and the parallel economic disruption is also expected to redefine and redirect the future of fashion globally.

Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion amidst Corona

7. Masks, Gloves and Protective gear would become a necessary part of our dressing up

With number of cases constantly on the rise and Social Distancing being the new norm, we are now in a time zone, where moving out of home without a mask, gloves and sanitizers feels like a crime. Wearing a mask is a necessity than a luxury. This calls for having a lot of variety of masks with us. Some of India’s renowned designers like Nitya Bajaj, Shyamal and Bhumika, Nivedita Saboo, Shivan and Narresh, Ritu Kumar, Masaba Gupta, Anita Dongre and more have already started manufacturing a lot of interesting mask styles in huge numbers. There would be masks of all styles, colors and ranges flooding the designer boutiques and fashion stores very very soon.


Image Courtsey – Shivan and Narresh

8. People would experiment more and go all vivid and out there

Due to the lockdown situation, people have felt bored and idle for a long time now. There is pent up frustration. All of that is bound to find a let out in fashion. Rebellious fashion would be the new future of fashion. Fashion has always been a medium to express and it is rightfully expected that people would make non-conformist fashion choices and bring out their emotions and anxiety at the current world situation through them.

Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion in the World coping up with a Pandemic

9. With Work from Home being the new norm, the sales of formal wear would definitely go down

As more and more professionals sit behind their screens working from homes, formal wear shopping would certainly decline to a huge extent. There is a possibility that offices might totally give up on their employees appearing in formal wear even on video calls. It would be more about comfort and efficient productive working from home rather than abiding by a strict work wear code.


Fashion Industry

10. Fads like Airport look, Red Carpet look, Celebrity looks would lose relevance and become a thing of the past –

With celebrities being locked up in their homes and no fashion events taking place all across the globe, we would hardly be following up any celebrity styles or trends. Even on Social Media, what we are witnessing these days is actors and celebrities posting candid videos and real content from the comforts of their home. Future of fashion is being all real and minimal rather than going over the top on anything. With travel on a decline, people are just travelling if absolutely necessary and not for leisure, hence the hashtag ‘Airport look’ will almost become redundant.

11. Fashion weeks and fashion shows would not be as grand as before –

With most of the economies opening up now, the fashion weeks might resume, but of course the numbers would go down. Due to a drop in sales, we would certainly not have as many fashion weeks as before. The future of fashion also holds a huge probability of fashion shows being showcased on online mediums and platforms and new collections being officially previewed and launched online rather than hosting a real physical show with audiences.

Fashion Shows

Image Courtsey – ZUHAIR MURAD

12. Wedding fashion would be deeply affected – 

Due to the ramifications of this pandemic the restrictions on the number of wedding guests might be lifted, but definitely the Indian Wedding is not going to the Big Fat Wedding anymore. The hype around Bridal outfits will go down. With lesser number of guests, that pressure and thrill to stand out and flaunt your finest Indian looks would decline. Designers and brands specializing in Couture bridal outfits would probably shift towards making lighter, easy to carry and more affordable versions of Bridal lehengas and Trousseau outfits. If you have your wedding coming up sometime around, you can always reach out to Trousseau Shoppers and Wedding stylists to work out all the Wedding looks and shopping for you – How we as Trousseau Shoppers can help you plan your wedding even in this lockdown.

Bridal Fashion

The future of fashion calls in for a major makeover in the times to come and probably for the good. Vanity would go down and we would all turn to simpler and more natural lifestyles rather than blindly running after robustly propagated trends. There would be a downfall in sales and the industry will certainly face an unforeseen setback, but as said, it shall all restore to normalcy soon. Humans are amazingly adaptive, and we are sure the creative minds running behind these brands and labels will certainly figure out an innovative way to get out of all this, and that too keeping up in style.


Stay home, Stay safe


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