That ONE DRESS that I got from ZARA at just Rs. 900 !

ZARA is one of my favourite brands when it comes to shopping clothes. And I know it is for a lot of you girls out there. I do a lot of shopping from the brand. In fact, I almost always end up picking out a lot of pieces from their collection. It is hard to restrict yourself to just a single item purchase when you are in a Zara store. I have dedicated this post to my Shopping experiences at Zara over the years. And also a few good things about the brand and a few aspects that you girls should definitely keep in mind while shopping from Zara. These will definitely make your purchases better and also your money would be spent much more wisely. So please enjoy reading further.

Women’s shopping in India wasn’t very exciting and experimental before the coming in of brands like Zara and H&M. I was majorly relying for my western wear shopping on brands like Marks and Spencer, Mango, Guess, Lacoste, Calvin Klein and Bebe. With Mango and Marks and Spencer, though I love the superiority of their fabrics and the clean cuts, there weren’t any different silhouettes or some very high street stylish pieces. They were more apt for formal and semi-formal wear. There were shirt, trousers dresses. But if I wanted to wear a pair of leather hot pants with an animal print shirt or a sexy tube top, I would not get too many options there.

Dress - ZARA; Shoes - CHARLES & KEITH; Belt - SHEIN; Sunglasses - JOHN JACOBS

So, with Zara coming into Indian market, my search for stylish, sexy, high street western wear was sorted. So be the Summers or winters, I rush to their store as soon as the latest collection is launched. They have an interesting mix of basic affordable wear as well as high street premium collection. No wonder, women across all segments find something interesting for themselves in Zara. Though I really find it difficult to stand in their long queues outside the dressing rooms. It I almost always flooded with customers.

While shopping at Zara, make sure you know what you want and to what extent you can carry off the outfits. What is looking good on someone else, might not complement you the best. Also, they make a lot of pieces in one style. So, what I don’t like is that I often see the same dress on a lot of people on Social Media and sometimes also bump into one of my friends wearing the same dress as me in the party. But this is resolved to some extent as they launch new collections very often. I find a complete revival of clothes on their racks every alternate month.

Another thing I like about Zara is that their basics are pretty good in quality. And they are very versatile as well. You can actually style them in a lot of ways and they are great value for money. I end up buying a lot of pieces from their basics collection like inners, tube tops, spaghettis, t-shirts, gym wear, hot pants, some of them even without trying.

Zara store

ZARA Store

When it comes to buying a dress for a dinner date or even for a special party or an occasion, Zara is my first stop destination. I am the kind of a person, who wishes to wear something new and exciting on every special occasion. I am sure most of you girls love to. I always head to Zara to buy that special piece of clothing because if styled well and carried with elegance, their outfits are quite a statement maker. Also, with Zara outfits, you can style them and wear differently almost every time.

I also like the accessories that Zara has. Their big statement necklaces, or belts and even some of their footwears are quite stylish. Same goes for their bags. In fact I have stacked up quite a few accessories from Zara in my closet.

I have realised one thing over the years. While shopping from the brand, do make sure to try on the piece of garment. Most of the times, what looks good on their racks might not suit you the best or look that great when you wear it. You might be tempted to pick up a lot of stuff at the first glimpse, but don’t be fooled into it. Try the garment, and if it really fits on you well and complements your style then make a purchase. Try a lot of outfits, but finally pick the few that look the best.

I had recently gone out for shopping to a mall, just before the lockdown. I had no intentions of making any purchases at Zara as I had gone to pick some makeup and skin care products, but I just went into the store for a quick stroll. Well, which girl on Earth can resist a trip into Zara store. I straight away went to the basics section, just to see if I can add something exciting to my wardrobe. Something that I would be kicked about styling for my next outing.

 I laid my eyes on this basic grey dress and instantly realised how many ways I could style it. I saw the Price Tag and it was only for Rs. 899. I picked up two sizes, tried them out. One of them fitted so well. I didn’t checkout any more collection and straight away went to the cash counter and made the payment. It was a steal after all. You know sometimes, you just know you have to pick this piece of clothing. There are just no second thoughts about it.

ZARA Basics Dress at just Rs. 900 !

I have already worn this dress a couple of times in that one week before the lockdown. It can be worn in summers and winters, can be paired up with so many different accessories and styled into so many looks.

It is actually one of the comfiest basic dresses I have, and I can’t wait for the lockdown to get over and I can wear it again for that first outing. All in all, money well spent, and decision rightly made. Would love to hear from you in Comments below how you like it.

Stay stylish even in this lockdown.

Lots of love,

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold