Hashtag 'VocalforLocal' - Supporting our local Indian brands is the need of the hour

Hashtag ‘VocalforLocal’ has been trending big these days and for good reason. What we all are experiencing in year 2020 is unprecedented on so many levels. There are so many issues and fears that we all are struggling with. This global pandemic has not only brought in a threat to the medical stability of the nation but has also given rise to a major economic meltdown in its wake. It has been almost 3 months of economy being shut down and businesses working on a mere 10 percent or lesser strength. People are losing their jobs or are being forced to opt for unpaid leaves. With new Covid cases numbers rising up by each day, there seems to be no respite from the situation soon. In such a scenario, each brand and industry segment is working hard to reinvent and re-establish itself.

Promoting and investing in Indian brands is the need of the hour

Since I work closely with the fashion and luxury industry, I can talk about it with a little more clarity. Fashion is the last thing on people’s mind right now. When you have a virus around that is unmindfully infecting populations of people around the globe, even leading to mortality, fashion is not something that people want to talk about. With months of lockdown and sitting at home, the country’s economy has been severely hit. Each brand and business, no matter how small or big is incurring losses. Though Government has proposed economy refueling plans of action, we all know how much of a real reliability we can have from that arena. Understanding and accepting the situation, and remolding and reinventing oneself is the only appropriate way forward. We all need to support each other to be self-reliant and sufficient once again. One of the most important steps in that direction is to religiously adopt ‘Vocal for Local’ as our modus operandi. Diving a little deeper into the subject, we  need to give up on foreign brands and adapt our local Indian brands and promote them further.

This conversation around supporting our Indian brands need to gain momentum on a big level and the more we propagate this, the better it would be for us and our economy. We thought it through and penned down a few of the highlights of this new business culture.  Hope this finds resonance with our readers and brings in about a change in the way we spend our money. Please feel free to add any of your suggestion or thoughts in the comments below. Your one valuable suggestion can also prove to be a game- changer in this survival struggle against the current situation.

Wearing Indian brand 'Gulaal Creations'

1. Spending money on Indian brands is equivalent to directly contributing to Indian economy

We are almost a population of 1.4 billion Indians as on June 2020 as per WHO data, contributing to 17% of the total world population. Imagine such a vast population buying ONLY FROM Indian brands and labels, how much will it add to our own economy. This lockdown has brought in a lot of local small scale brands who were growing and making their mark gradually, almost on the verge of a shut down. If we spend in purchasing from these brands, we will help them substantially in establishing their foothold again.

2. Indian Fabrics, Craftsmanship and Textures is superior

There is no denying this fact. A lot of fast fashion clothing and accessories that we buy are actually manufactured in Asian countries. The cost of manufacturing is kept low as there is a mass scale production. Obviously, the quality of the final product is also not superlative. The Indian brands source and manufacture from India. Hence, the costs go down while the quality stays high. We, as customers get a better value for our money.

3. India as a country would become more self-reliant and stronger

It is time we support each other and strongly propagate ‘Vocal for Local’. It had been long due, but no other time was as opportune as right now. What is the need to rely on foreign brands? Yes, they have created a very strong consumer base for themselves in India. But now in this current economic situation, when our own people are losing their livelihoods, it makes more sense to invest in our own growth rather than of foreign countries.

4. Refraining from buying foreign brands would mean cutting down the outflow of money from India

We can’t be empowering other countries, while our own people would be struggling to earn their bread and butter. Spending in foreign brands would only mean giving out our country’s money to these countries and hence, giving them ore power over us. This would ultimately come as a hurdle in the development of our own economy.

Support and wear our very own Indian brands

5. Indian brands are not just superior in quality but also very impeccable designed and reflect the creative genius of our designers​

It’s a misconception that Indian brands are not at par with their foreign counterparts. As much as I love my Zara and H&M, I have been very actively working with a lot of Indian brands and flaunting their collections on my Social Media handles. Check out my Instagram page ‘LadyinRoseGold’ and you would know why I am all praises for them. I love the Indian wear outfits of labels like Rivaaj Clothing, Ambraee, Gulaal Creations, Sue Mue, and many more. I also like the chic modern wear collections by designers like Naina Seth, Samant Chauhan, Deme by Gabrielle and others. They are highly innovative and unique and yet very affordable.

It was high time that we valued our own artisans, designers and craft already. Now is the time to do so. We should go that extra mile, take a firm step and pledge to only purchase Indian brands. I can talk better about fashion, but I still say, lets propagate this to all are needs and purchases. Let’s support all that is Indian, and all that Indians make. It would be soon that our economy would be standing on its own feet and we would be proud to have supported our own people through these times of crisis.

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Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold