Could COVID 19 be the beginning of the end of the INSTAGRAM era

We all are living through it and we all know it is going to have some drastic impacts on our lives. The new normal would be hugely different from the life we knew before Corona hit the entire human race really bad. A lot of things that were indispensable part of our lives have lost relevance; yes I am dropping a quick reference to Instagram here. And a lot of those that we barely knew or paid heed to, have become a normal norm or practice. For instance, sanitizers were always there, available in the market, but did we ever bother to use them this religiously.

But now, as soon as we move out, we don’t forget to carry a sanitizer along. No grocery shopping trip or any day-today purchase trip is complete without sanitizing your hands each time. Shaking hands with someone we knew, every time we met, was just a part of courtesy and almost a reflex. But now, we have gradually trained our minds not to greet anyone by shaking hands. Rather we have also gradually instilled it in our body language to maintain a safe distance while speaking with someone.

These changes in our life would not just remain limited to these. There are some subconscious by- default changes that would come inadvertently. For instance, we would prefer eating home more often rather than outdoors, because safety and hygiene would be a major concern. With having stayed at home in Lockdown for almost 3 months and working from home, going to office and working amidst so many colleagues and an office environment, would feel different and uneasy in the beginning at least. I can say about myself that I have gotten really used to not seeing too many people around. And the other day, when I even made a trip out of the home to do some home shopping, seeing so many people on the roads and in the markets felt totally uncomfortable. I think we people have retired to our own small cocoons and dug out our own comfort spaces quite too much, to be bearing the existence of too many people around us once again.

I always knew there would come a time, and now I feel that it has, when Social Media, and particularly Instagram would cease to make too much of a difference to people’s life. This could well be the beginning of the end of that Instagram obsessed world where everyone was rushing after the much elusive likes and followers. I sat down with my team one fine day, and we brainstormed through this at length. We all could come up with some strong reasons that invariably made us into believing this. I hope you enjoy reading through this article. Comment below if you agree with our reasons or have any further suggestions to add.

1. The entire mood is very downcast and gloomy

With millions of people losing their lives to this ghastly Corona virus leaving behind their families and loved ones grieving, there is an air of sadness and despair all around. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, your or old, no one is being spared. The world has not witnessed such a deadly catastrophe of mass magnitude anytime in the recent past. It is tough to see the fellow people around suffering and helpless. In such a time, no one is interested in looking through those unreal, photoshopped, glamorous images on Instagram. We all know this is going to last for at least some time now, so no amount of ‘makeup tutorials’ or ‘what I ate in the day videos can cheer us up. As such Social Media isn’t really doing some great service to the collective mental health of the people. Do read, ‘What is not so likeable about SOCIAL MEDIA these days.’

2. Spending too much time in the lockdown, we have already spent too much time on Instagram

Having stayed in the lockdown, homebound and away from any social interactions, we have already had our share of Instagram overdose. Initially for a few days, we were desperately glued to our screens. Be it binge watching shows on Netflix or even or mindlessly scrolling down our Instagram feeds. But as they rightly say, too much of everything is bad, we are done with Instagram content now.

3. The content on Instagram now is largely repetitive

There is no denying that content on Instagram is increasingly becoming repetitive and copied. Due to the trending of the hashtags, everybody is busy capitalizing on the same trends and styles. As an audience it has become monotonous to the brim to see different versions of the same thing. For every trending style or hashtag that gains momentum, the Instagram users have to go through innumerable versions of the same on every account that they follow. 


For instance, in the beginning of the lockdown, everyone was busy posting pictures of their baking a cake in the kitchen. Hashtag Dalgona Coffee became huge for no reason. It was just a simple replication of filtered coffee. A lot of influencers popularized the #RushChallenge and an equal millions of girls went around recreating the same. When so much is happening around the world, passing on a makeup brush and giving yourself a makeover is last of the surprises left in store that a person might want to see.

4. Economic distress has made people lose interest in vanities and futile show of luxuries and lifestyle

Instagram has always been the playground of those who have something to flaunt. It could either be your riches, your beauty, or even your talent for that matter. We all know how Social Media and particularly platforms like Instagram have an adverse effect on impressionable minds. Constantly viewing the life of the rich and the privileged on Instagram can actually push  you into depression and feelings of low self esteem and worthlessness. In times, when a lot of people are already struggling with financial stability or even basic means, such a platform that talks about vanity and good life on a superficial level is bound to lose its relevance.

5. This is the time to act, rather than post on Instagram

The Social Media obsessed world which we live in has a tendency to record and post everything before it acts on anything. On Twitter, everyone has an opinion. On Instagram, everyone is dramatic and has a superfluous way of over hyping and magnifying every issue. This is not the time for all this. This is not the time to create and influence others to do something, rather be the means and the doer yourself. There are a lot many real time heroes and influencers around us who are actually doing great work to help those in need and contribute in these trying times. We need more of such people right now .

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