—– Malika E Nura

They say real beauty brings such calm to your mind, it is almost meditative. When your mind is chaotic and hurt, look for beauty in things around, in smallest of things. It doesn’t have to be external beauty. Look for a beautiful heart, a beautiful intention, beauty in the innocence of a child, beauty in a carefree laughter. Whatever brings joy and peace to heart, is beautiful in my eyes. Indian beauty or beauty in Indian women, as they say has been a subject of interest for as long as we know. The Asian beauty and the Beauty of the West are quite different, so to say. There is something different about the beauty and the facial features of Indian women that I find remarkably striking.

For me, it is not about those big eyes or the colour tone, I define Indian beauty as elegance and femininity. For me Indian women, are the one who carry themselves with a lot of poise and delicacy. Refinement is the virtue of Indian women.

Those lustrous hair, healthy skin (fair, medium or dark, healthy skin is beautiful skin), those deep eyes just about to talk, is what Indian beauty is all about. An average Indian woman is not extremely tall or too lean with an athletic frame of body. India women are known for their curvaceous physiques.

Outfit – SUE MUE

Jewellery – Gewels by Mona

Another thing that actually highlights the beauty of Indian women is their skin tone. If you realize, most of the colours go well with our skin tone. If nourished and well taken care of, our skin colour looks the healthiest and the most glowing. A well hydrated skin doesn’t even need too much of a makeup. Indians have far too long been obsessed with fairer skin, but it is the medium Indian complexion that the west is crazy about. Indian beauty needs to be celebrated in all its glory. You might like to read , ‘How to look stunning in Indian outfits’. This is one of my most read blog post.

I, for a fact, take a lot of pride in my Indian features. I do not have big eyes like a lot of girls around, but I equally love my deeply inset small eyes. I love my big round lips as just the application of a slight lip taint brightens up my face. My complexion is medium, neither too fair nor too dark and hence, I can wear outfits in most of the colours. They all really go well with my skin tone. Particularly mustard, sun burnt orange, navy blues, olive green. I don’t really have to think twice before picking up a colour.

I love flaunting Indian wear outfits. In most of my blog posts, I have always reiterated that if an Indian woman wants to look really beautiful, she should prefer wearing Indian wear over anything else. You must read, ‘Why do women look the most beautiful in Indian Wear for an idea of what I am saying here. There is something about Indian attires, that makes us women look prettier and very appealing.

What I am wearing here is a beautiful A-line suit from the latest collection of the brand Sue Mue. I love this outfit for the colour, the superiority of the fabric and for how well it accentuates the Indian beauty. I wore some exquisite jewellery pieces from ‘Gewels by Mona’ to further bring out the Indianness of the whole look. The side swept hair gives it a little touch of refinement and royalty. Overall I framed the look in a way that it looks effortless and still very rich and magnificent  in appeal. I hope you love the look as much as I did.

Celebrating Indian Beauty

Finally, what makes an Indian beauty even more enchanting is her sensibilities. There is nothing more charming than a beauty with brains. A woman, who is sorted, balanced, independent, and happy at the same time is the best definition of a beautiful woman. What makes women beautiful is their emotional quotient along with their mental resilience and their sensitivity to their surroundings. Indian beauty is celebrated for the strength and courage of us Indian women. I strongly believe that we should never part ways with our elegance and sophistication and should always stay in touch with our feminine side, no matter how much robust and courageous this world demands us to be on the exterior.

Signing off, 

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold