What does a HEALTHY BREAKFAST at LEMON TREE Hotels look like

When it comes to my meals in the day, I lay the maximum emphasis on my breakfast. The body is starving for all the long night hours and the first thing it needs in the morning, after a hot shower of course is a healthy breakfast. Rather I am such a grumpy morning person, that I need my fruit and toast and coffee even before pleasantly wishing someone a Good morning ! Its after my breakfast that I actually feel lie starting off with my day.

I recently had a staycation planned with my family at the LEMON TREE HOTELS, Aerocity. I had been to the Hotel quite a few times before. Apart from their amazing delectable food, what I was particularly bowled over by was their humbling polite hospitality. Hence, we decided to spend a relaxing weekend there. On Sunday morning, there staff asked us if we would like to have the buffet breakfast by the pool side and we decided why not. It was a pleasant morning with wind blowing and sitting and eating by the pool seemed like a fun idea.

So, our healthy breakfast was laid out. There were fresh juices, toasts, scrambled eggs, dosas, idlis, Croissants, protein bars, muffins and pancakes. It was actually a treat. Not only the food, there staff is way too polite and courteous. The food well cooked, well presented and well served makes for a good meal. It’s a treat for the eyes, taste buds and for the heart as well. We sat there for around a couple of hours, enjoying every bite of the meal. I actually ended up trying out almost everything that was served. Not to mention, the lovely healthy breakfast made for a great start to our Sunday at the Hotel.

Breakfast at Lemon Tree Hotels

Why should one not skip a HEALTHY BREAKFAST?

-One should totally not miss their breakfast, but also not compromise at all on the nutrition value of the breakfast.

-They say whatever carbohydrates or fats one has to consume, that should ideally be done in the morning meal. It doesn’t really add to your body weight. All the calories are used in the day to drive energy.

-Our body has been starving all night. Such long breaks in eating are not very healthy to maintain a good metabolism level. They say ideally one should have their breakfast within 45 minutes of getting up. Each morning, I make sure that I take my shower and get on to the breakfast table first thing after that.

-As much as a healthy breakfast is important to give that kickstart to the day, so is a power packed mid time meal at around noon. When we get up our energy levels are really low. With the breakfast, the sugar levels just shoot up, making us feel instantly energized. They go down again after a couple of hours. It is important to have a nutritious mini snack in between the heavy lunch and the breakfast to keep the energy levels consistent.

-They say have your heaviest meal in the morning. And I love to eat all the heavy protein laden stuff early the morning so that my body can digest it well during the day, and I do not even end up putting in any calories.

Pool side Breakfast at Lemon Tree Hotels

All that I love to include in my HEALTHY BREAKFAST

I can’t deny, one of the things that I really look forward to in the morning is a delicious breakfast. In fact, the idea of all the good stuff that I could get to eat, pushes me to get out of the bed in the morning. It’s the first meal of the day and I love my breakfast to be more of a buffet. Lots of colour, and some really interesting things to eat. I love to grab a bite of some of my favourite foods. I believe staying at hotels and being greeted to some fancy breakfasts has really spoilt my choice of that first meal of the day. I like my food being really well spread out and have a lot of variety. These are some of my favourite options for a healthy breakfast.

-Pancakes with a protein bar, honey or chocolate syrup, and lots of fruits

-Half fried or boiled eggs with toast or an omelette with lots of veggies added in

-Grilled paneer and veggies

– Oats in chilled milk with lots of seeds, nuts and prunes

-A thick fruit smoothie with lots of fresh fruits, syrup, nuts and seeds

-A protein shake

-South Indian delicacies like Dosa, Idli and Sambhar

-Dal/Besan/Oats Chillas

-Croissants/ Muffins with a side of the egg

My beautiful ladies, have that COFFEE in the morning, drink lots of water, take care of your health, do yoga, set sky high goals, and go about achieving them. You own your own world. 

Just take of yourself and be the Queen of your world.   

Lots of LOVE,

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold