What makes WHITE my most FAVOURITE COLOUR for Summers

My most vivid memories of childhood consists of the one where I would sit in front of the mirror goggling at my mom getting all dressed up. My most favourite look of hers used to be she all glammed up in a satin white chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse with a V-neck. She would pair it with a pearl necklace, her tan brown bag, and her silver gold watch. That’s it. For the makeup, she would apply some light blush and a dark burgundy lip color. And so striking was that image of royalty in my head all these years, that white became my most favourite colour for since as long as I can remember.

White is a colour that one can carry off with ease all year round. Be it summers, winters, or monsoons. You don’t need to wait for an occasion to carry it. Be it a formal event, a family function, or a small gathering, white would make you stand out from the crowd each time.

http://karleo.com/I wore this tube dress from the brand KARLEO sometime back and the white colour of it just made me want to have more of whites in my wardrobe. In the brand’s own words ” KARLEO’s designer evening gowns and cocktail dresses draw inspiration from the mundane, transforming the ordinary into garments with rich and exclusive design, playing with elements of contrast. Exclusive designs and silhouettes, that draw inspiration from even elements of everyday life, are realised through intricate embroidery. With attention to detail and time spent to perfect each outfit, KARLEO strives to ensure that each garment reflects the wearer’s personality.

No clue, but for what reason, I had not included enough of this heavenly colour in my closet for some time now. The very next day, I went out for some retail therapy and stocked up on a lot of white basics and luxury wear in white from my favourite western wear brands like Zara, H&M, Calvin Klein and Gucci.


So, while making a mental note of why I love this colour so much, I though I should even pen it down for all you guys. Give it a read and do mention in comments if I have missed out on any reason for loving this colour even more.

1. White is the favourite colour for everyone

I like to call it the ‘non-biased’ all ‘fair and square’ colour. It looks good on everyone, people of varying complexions, skin tones, height, body shape and looks good on both the genders. It is a neutral colour. Both men and women can carry it with equal elan.

2. The colour adds an instant touch of royalty and grace

My all time classic look is an all white look. The colour is a statement in itself. It doesn’t need any adornments. If carried with a right poise, the colour looks very elegant, delicate, yet royal and authoritative at the same time.

3. Most favourite colour for Summers

Though it can be worn through any season, but for summers, white is the ideal colour preference for a lot of people. It is soothing to the eye, looks cool and keeps the body temperature cool as well as it doesn’t absorb any heat.

4. White can be styled in as many ways as you can think of

The colour looks great on its own. But you can also pair it with an interesting accessory like a handbag or footwear in a strong colour. For jewellery, you can add on some interesting pieces. A lot of jewellery pieces and styles go really well with a white outfit. It can be silver jewellery, pearls, diamonds, semi-precious stones or even gold jewellery. Just accessorize, keeping in mind the overall feel of the look. The styling should in no downgrade or undermine the regality of the colour.

5. White adds an instant glow to the face

Yes, it is true, when you wear white, the colour reflects on your face and makes it look brighter. For the makeup, you can either go neutral, or all summery with shades of neons, pinks and corals. One can also go in for darker lips keeping the rest of the makeup subtle. But with white, the more sober and minimal you go, the classier it looks.

6. Favourite colour that also makes me look leaner

Though it is the colour black that makes one look leaner and taller, even if you are carrying an all-white look it does cover up a lot of flab. One just needs to be sure of the fabric that they choose. It should sit well on their body type. And no points for guessing the superior the fabric, the colour comes out looking even more ethereal on it.

Over the years, I have really loved wearing whites. Be it Indian outfits, western looks or my formal office wear, the colour is so versatile it looks spectacular all the time. Some of my favourite looks in white are a well-fitted formal white suit, a chiffon white saree, a chikankari Anarkali suit in white, a very flared white Trousers and a luxury occasion wear dress in white. I got this dress for myself from Karleo. I loved the coloured bead work on it and the sheer net drape over the fitted tube pants. It looks glamorous as well as very stylish to be carried off on any occasion.

These summers, while I sit at home and do not have much reasons to go out, I would still make sure to include my favourite colour in my everyday dressing.

Lots of Love

Till we meet next,

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold