My most POPULAR Outfit Post on INSTAGRAM till date

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you must be very well versed with how deeply Social Media has seeped into our lives. Strolling through our Instagram feeds and stalking interesting profiles is almost a daily ritual. I can’t deny people are doing such creative and genius work, I really can’t help spending a few hours watching their work on Instagram. Fashion being my favourite subject, I have been creating outfit posts and showcasing them on Instagram and my blog for almost 4 years now. The love and appreciation that I constantly receive on my blog keeps me motivated to do more.

Like every other girl, I love to deck myself up in stylish outfits too. When I had started off with my blog, I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with some really good designers and labels and showcase their collections on my Instagram handle @LadyInRoseGold. For all the girls, dreaming out there wanting to make their presence in the Blogging Hemisphere, trust me it is not an easy journey. Only if you have rare talent and an unstoppable zeal to work hard, can you get yourself stand out in this crowd. But yes, if you are genuinely passionate about this, you would definitely be seen and noticed, and good work will surely come your way.

If you have seen my feed on Instagram @LadyInRoseGold, you would have noticed I love to create more of aesthetic visuals. All the outfit looks have a mood board and an idea around them. It gets me excited as a child to style outfits and create some beautiful imagery. Over the years, I have worked with quite a few Indian designers. RIVAAJ CLOTHING is one of the Jaipur based Indian wear brand that I absolutely love. Their collections so well resonate with my personal style. Simple, understated and elegant.

I have a lot of outfits from their collections in my closet. So, one of the days in Summer when I wore this pink and white Sharara set for a family function, I clicked a few outfit images for my Instagram feed. Little did I know that these images and the outfit would be so loved by everyone following my feed on Instagram. I loved the Summer vibe of the outfit, the floral print and also the casual Sharara that had such a soothing effect. I wore a stunning elaborate neck piece and those big earrings from Sangeeta Boochra Jewllery. The jewellery and the outfit came out together so royally well that I didn’t need to focus much on the hair and makeup.

The images of this look were so loved. Even the brand told me that they have got so many customer enquiries and orders for this one particular outfit. It actually got sold off like hot cakes. Sometimes you really don’t know how good something actually looks till the time people make you realize through their compliments. Even till date, a lot of people love these images and keep complimenting me on the same. Funnily, I am still not sure, if it is the vintage background, the jewellery, the whole chic look or just the outfit. But I personally love how stylish the whole summer outfit looks with the sunglasses.

Would love to hear from you guys what do you think of the whole look. And also, if you could suggest any better ways of styling it up.


Keep loving my posts till I write the next one.

Lots of Love

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold