When you are SEXY and YOU KNOW IT ft designer Rockystar

Was initially going to caption this blog post as “All a girl wants is some STARS in her makeup”, keeping in mind the makeup look here of course, but then decided otherwise. I might look all stylish and glamorously decked up in this look here. But let me confess the truth. I was sitting in my comfiest Linen shorts and a T shirt with hair all messily tied up and with not a drop of makeup on my face, while I sat down to write this blog post. It is a lazy Tuesday afternoon in this era of Corona pandemic. It’s been more than 100 days of staying at home and like everyone else I have also lost count of the dates and days. Each day just passes by in the same fashion. Monotony has almost seeped into the deepest veins of my body, with boredom and demotivation running through it all. In fact I even wrote a blog post on this a few days back ‘What has staying at home taught me about life.”

So, I get up to have some water before I start scribbling down my thoughts on ‘Stars in the makeup’ and a passing look in the mirror and there, I feel horrible about myself. There isn’t a tint of glamour in the way I look at the moment. Feeling oh so unsexy and undesirable in this lockdown, I decide to pen down my thoughts on the more relevant topic in this ‘staying at home forever’ phase. Like every other girl, who is feeling bloated, lazy and dull at the moment, we all need to hear these words- “You are sexy, woman.”

For almost 2 weeks post the starting of lockdown, I stayed away from Social Media. Reason being – my eyebrows and upper lip hair had grown out of proportion and finicky as I am about no one touching my face, I was too scared to touch it even by myself. There came a moment when I actually stopped feeling if I belonged to a female species of human race. Yes, lack of grooming can do that to you. Anyways, when the situation became unbearable I took the matters in my hand and very carefully tweaked all the facial hair that I had and turned into that clean shaven Aphrodite version of myself. Never knew a little grooming could make you feel so much like a Woman !

So, this post is actually dedicated to all the girls and women out there who have not been feeling their sexy best during these last few months. Of course, not getting dressed up in those sexy outfits, not wearing that full face of makeup is also not making you feel any good about yourself. I remember, I really feel my sexiest best, when I am at the gym. Working out, sweating it out, lifting weights, building upon those muscles and abs makes me feel so much more alive and sexier. So yes, I have been majorly missing out on that part. Wearing heels and tip toeing around also makes me feel, ‘oh women, you are sexy’, but sitting at home is keeping me deprived of that pleasure too. So, for all those women, who are feeling less about themselves and are not feeling their natural vibe, follow these points to feel great once again.

“You are Sexy”, just say it out loud to yourself once before reading further.

– Cut down on your screen time. Yes, totally, right now. Get off that phone. Get off that Laptop. Stop binge watching Netflix all the time. Scrolling through those picture perfect Instagram profiles of influencers won’t make you look or feel any better. They put in a lot of hard work behind those sorts of visuals. Keep a very strict tab on your screen time. Put it away the moment it seems unproductive and a waste of time. Social Media is not all that great for your mental and emotional well being, ‘Social Media – What is not so likeable about it these days.’

– Work from Home doesn’t mean you have to overextend your working hours. Get away from your work after your office hours are over. Maintain a schedule. You cannot be sitting and working on your laptop like a maniac all day long. Physical movement post your working hours is very important to keep you feeling active and refreshed.

– Yes, please stick to a regular fitness regime. Take care of your posture. Invest at least 30 mins in your body each day. It could be brisk walking, running, online yoga, cardio, anything that suits. But do engage in physical activities. It would make you feel a lot sexier in your body and your mind. Do read my blog “How am I keeping up with my EXERCISE ROUTINE even in Lockdown.”

– Staying at home doesn’t mean you don’t dress up at all. Wear something nice and sexy each day. It may be casual yet pull out all the easy separates from your closet. Try to pair it up differently each time or add in some personal styling elements to your look each day.

– Eat healthy. It is no secret that this staying at home can do a lot of good to your ‘weight loss’ program, if you really intend so. One can either come out a lot heavier and lousy or much lighter and fitter through these months of simpler living. We are all eating at home, so can rather switch to cleaner and healthier eating habits to do our bodies some favour.

– Keep yourself groomed. Take some time out in the week to take care of yourself. Take a hot water shower, light some candles, play some soothing music, spend quality time either by yourself or with your partner. Treat yourself to a relaxing head massage or a luxurious manicure or pedicure at home. You have the luxury of time right now. Use it to apply some homemade face masks, hair packs. Take care of yourself.

– Indulge in some quality time with your partner. Pamper and caress them. Go all sexy. Do everything that you never got the time to do together. Wear that sexy lingerie. Indulge in your fantasies. Bring sexy back into your life. Make this time together into a chance to build in some very fond memories.

Finally, each woman is sexy. We can’t escape that. God has made us that way. Yes, there are women who are very confident about themselves and hence come out sexier. They are confident of their individuality and that reflects very well in the way they carry themselves around others. And then there are those who have a little less belief in themselves. Work upon your mind along with your body to feel good about yourself. Being self-reliant and independent also makes a woman feel very confident. Be happy, sorted, balanced and motivated and do not forget to tell yourself each day “You are sexy, and you know it, woman.”

Stay happy and loved,


Till I meet you next,

Garima//Team LadyInRoseGold