10 SIGNS and you would know you have found your PERFECT LIFE PARTNER

“There is no feeling in the world like knowing you have a LIFE PARTNER to face whatever life throws at you.”

They say there is nothing like a ‘perfect life partner’; everyone has their own share of flaws and imperfections and you have to accept your partner in totality, with the good and the bad. But I beg to differ. Well surely, everyone has their flaws and you have to embrace everything about your partner, yet THERE IS such a thing as a ‘perfect life partner’ for one. It is that individual whose strengths complement your flaws and the other way round. Even their imperfections do not appear so much as botherations and resonate well with your own ideologies and ways of life. Don’t they say, ‘Your right might be my wrong and my wrong might be your truest rights.’

There is no rule book to love. There are no checklists. And when your soul mate hits the door hard, all mental checklists are broken and shattered and there is this new definition of that ‘perfect life partner’ that you make up in your mind. I always thought my partner would be a very strong robust, authoritative kind of a man. Little did I realize that not everyone who comes across as strong in their words is strong in their mind too. What I was essentially looking out for was someone who was strong in his value system, yet very agile and vulnerable in his relations and interactions. When I met my partner, his sense of security and confidence made me understand what strength of a man really embodies.

So, for everyone who believes in eternal love and the existence of that one life partner for you, watch out for these signs in a person. Trust your instincts, keeping your mind always watchful and if most of these signs turn out positive, there is high probability that this is that ‘PERFECT PARTNER’ for you.

SIGN 1 – Instant Connection

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be love at first sight. But yes, there would be attraction. There would be a connect. You would feel so comfortable in their company as if you have known each other for long. It is actually the energies of two people that get connected. Even those thrills and the initial excitement of knowing someone, would not make you feel jittery rather bring a serene sense of calm.

SIGN 2 - Everything on your Checklist would not be ticked off

Yes, this person would not tick every box on your checklist of your perfect partner. Yet, something about them would feel right. I fact they would blow off your mind so hard and the bond would be so deep that you would be forced to rethink your priorities. If someone sweeps you off so hard that you are willing to let go off your checklist, he/she might be the one.

SIGN 3 – They are honest and value your trust in them

Always keep your mind practical and cautious during the initial days of seeing someone. It is for true that Love is blinding for most of the times. If a person is not honest to you, or you can’t hold your trust in someone, then that relationship won’t last long. If that person makes a conscious effort to be honest to you and win your trust, then he/she is definitely for the keeps.

SIGN 4 – Ease of Communication

Communication is the key to building up a strong relationship. And ease of communication with someone means it is effortless communication. You can speak your heart out and it doesn’t have to be much effort to explain and justify each of the word you are saying. Your vibes and sensibilities match and a lot is heard and said in between. If you cannot communicate with a person endlessly for hours at a stretch, most probably that relationship is not forever.

SIGN 5 – Your Cores are Similar

As you grow old, you realize that certain personality traits are very intrinsic to you. They form your Core and that is what defines you. Every relationship calls for adjustments, compromises, and changes, but your Core individuality should not be challenged. Talk to each other, communicate a lot, and do make out that you both are similar at your core. One can even change their habits and adopt some healthy changes but altering your most intrinsic faith and beliefs is not possible.

SIGN 6 – He/ She can make you laugh

One of the most important traits that you should look out in your partner. If you both can laugh together, make silly of any adversity, than you can stay happy in each other’s company forever. Life is never going to be a bed of roses. There would definitely be some tough days and then some really tough ones. But if you have a company who can make you smile and laugh through this, then never let that person go. They are a gem.

SIGN 7 – How you Resolve your fights

It is not whether a couple fights or not. Each couple fights. It is how you both resolve your problems. This is where the ease of communication helps in. If the way you resolve your fights and disagreements is cordial enough and rather than pulling you apart brings you closer, you guys make for a perfect match. They say fights are rather good for a relationship. If you makeup well, it actually makes the bond stronger and brings in more compatibility and understanding between the partners. It is never he/she versus you. It is always ‘You TWO’ versus the problem.

SIGN 8 – He/She treats you just as good or better as you treat them

When in a mature relationship, trust his/her actions more than the words. If their actions reflect care, concern, and love than they are the one for you. If you feel secure being with them, then in all likelihood, this relation will never fall apart. Foster and enrich it further. Just saying those 3 words or making verbal commitments doesn’t help. If their feelings also reflect in their actions, that is when they truly are there for you. Whether said in words or not. Also, make sure you feel well treated. Never compromise on how someone treats you. You should not treat someone better than they treat you. And in case you feel dissatisfied on that aspect, it is time to question the relationship.

SIGN 9 – You don’t have to justify things to yourself all the time

When we are in love, it is a natural thing to overlook your partners mistakes and give them all the benefit of doubt. To an extent this makes sense. But if those benefits of doubt over exceeds, this rings in those alarming bells. Something somewhere is definitely not right, if there are a too many things that you have to overlook or justify to yourself.

SIGN 10 – The Relationship is empowering rather than depleting

Any relationship in this life  whether friendship or love that is empowering and adds to your growth, is the one to be kept. Your perfect partner should be the one whose mere presence in your life gives you such a sense of security that you feel strengthened. It should not be something that constantly depletes you of your energies and peace. If you feel loved, nurtured and secure in the company of that person, then he /she is definitely your perfect life partner.

“The best LIFE PARTNER you’ll have isn’t the best looking, the funniest, or the richest. It’s the one that makes you feel gorgeous, hilarious, and like a million dollars. They make sure you know they love you.”

Stay loved and motivated,

Till I meet you next.

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold