MAKEUP TRICKS to get that stunning Flawless Makeup Finish

I love MAKEUP and I have no qualms admitting that. Skin care is particularly important to me. There is no makeup in the world that can give you a beautiful skin. But yes, with right skin care regime you can achieve a flawless bare skin. And with little makeup on top of it, done skillfully well, your looks and beauty can enhance multifold. If you are curious to know how to get that natural glass shine skin with a heathy skin care regime, read on “How to get that PERFECT SKIN with the right products.”

Honestly, I have never been a fan of those makeup tutorials on Social Platforms. I find all of them a little too OTT. One doesn’t really need too much of a makeup to look pretty and charming. Too much of makeup does the same harm as putting on too much of a fragrance. It just overpowers your real personality and makes you look like someone else altogether. But yes, I am the loudest preacher of doing your makeup right. The whole point of watching these makeup videos should be to pick what suits you the best. Pick up makeup tricks and hacks that work the best on your skin and add them gradually to your approach of doing it. The entire makeup video doesn’t have to be imitated step by step. Just borrow what works best for you.

Over the years, my makeup skills have also gone notches better. With regular shoots and events to attend, I end up doing my makeup most of the times. Rather I have realised more than any professional artist, my skin responds to my way of doing it much better. With all these years, I know intrinsically what works best on me. I do keep on upgrading my skills and adding up some new makeup tricks learnt from these professionals to my routine as well. I do try out a lot of looks as well. With Monsoons in place, you might be keen to try on my “Fruit Inspired Eye Makeup looks”. Also, my makeup experiments with keeping Spring Season in mind have also been very well received. Read the blog post “How to create the perfect Spring Hair and Makeup look.”

I have enlisted below some of the hacks that have been universally adopted and approved. They are the basic makeup skills that work well with everyone. If you manage to learn and imbibe even these, your makeup looks would turn out much more perfect and flawless than otherwise. Do bookmark this particular post for future reference as well. I am sure you would want to come back to it every now and then, whenever these tricks kind of fade away in your mind.

Makeup Trick 1 – Add some luxury face oil/ liquid highlighter to your foundation or base

To state the truths, I had actually discovered this very miraculous Makeup trick on my own. Though later on I realised it is very much there and a lot of professional makeup artists do it all the time. I was applying my foundation one day and somehow it just hit upon me to add a couple of drops of my highlighter to it. And once the base was settled, the final look was so radiant and glowing, I could never go back to my old way of doing the base. You can add a couple of drops of either of the two, face oil or liquid highlighter. Face oil also adds a lot of hydration to the base and saves your skin from looking dry, flaky, or patchy. For a warmer, healthy and enriched look add face oil. And for a shinier, radiant, party wear look, add highlighter. Try to not add more than a couple of drops, else you would end up getting that greasy, sticky look on your face. Also, mix them well with your foundation on your hand first before application and not directly on the face. Ideally, one should use a beauty blender or the foundation brush for application for the final result to look perfect and flawless. You can read our Blog Post about the ‘Make Up Brushes that each girl must have in her vanity’ under the ‘BEAUTY’ Category.

Makeup Trick
Makeup tricks

Makeup Trick 2 – Always set your Base with a Loose Powder

Apply a Primer. It really helps your bae settle flawlessly on your face. A good primer kind up preps up your skin for all the make up that is going to sit on it. I prefer using Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Foundation Primer or Mac Cosmetic’s Prep + Prime Fix+ Primer. Even rubbing an ice cube for 5 minutes all over your face really works great as a primer. After applying your base, just wait for around 2 minutes. It takes the foundation time to settle down on your face and show results. After that with soft hands apply loose powder all over your face. This gives a very refined finish to the look and also helps to remove any patches that the uneven application of foundation might have left.

makeup trick

Makeup Trick 3 – Blend, Blend and Blend till you can blend no more

Yes, the more you blend, the better finish your makeup would give. The most celebrated and renowned makeup artists all over the globe swear by this makeup trick. The idea to a great flawless makeup look is to blend all the products well into the skin and into each other. Use less product (it help saves you money too !) and blend it well. You can go wrong with precision and the skill of application, but if you blend it all well, the mistakes will just go unnoticed. As the final makeup face would still be looking really well done. You might not bean expert at doing makeup, but if you can blend well, you are all sorted.

Makeup Trick 4 – Do your eyes first

Yes. Once you are done with your base, do your eyes first. Rather a lot of professional makeup artists, do the eyes even before starting off with the face. This makes perfect sense because all that product that falls off on the face can easily be wiped off before doing the makeup. Also, in case there are any mistakes in the eye makeup, or the edges need to be smoothed out still, it can be easily done once the base is being put on. So yes, always start with eyes first. Also, while playing upon all the eyeshadow shades on your eyes, always keep the palette lighter to darker from inside to the corner of the eye. The darker shades should come towards the outer corner. This way the eyes look bigger and better spread out.

Makeup Trick 5 – Apply Loose Powder for that Perfect Lip

This is the best way to add colour to your lips. Apply your lip shade. Just one coat. Put a tissue paper between your lips and press them. This would take away all the extra colour off your lips. Apply some loose powder. Let the skin on your lips absorb it for a few seconds. Reapply your lip shade now and also create a proper lip line either with the same lip colour or a lip pencil. Foe a shiny glossy look, apply a final coat of lip gloss. Using loose powder makes the lip color stay on your lips for longer and also make your lips appear fuller, bigger and better colored.

These tricks are not some off the rack mindless hacks. They really do help and make a bountiful of a difference to your final makeup look. Do write in the comments below if you have any other useful makeup tricks to add to this list. Would love to read them and suggest further.

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