Featuring RUFFLES, the LATEST TREND of the season

Do you also wonder whether keeping up with trends is being stylish or cultivating your own signature classic style classifies as being more stylish? Well, for me I have never been into trends per say. Having said that, it’s good to embrace and try on new styles once in a while. Especially when it comes to Indian wear. I really love what designers have been doing in the Indo western and Indian wear segment these days. There is so much fresh talent. There are so many new designers and each has a very different style from the other. Every other day, I stumble upon some or the other new designer. Each one of them has such creative styles. I can’t help but include all of them in my wardrobe. In my Blog Category ‘FASHION’, I talk about everything fashion and all these creative designers and their genius collections.

RUFFLES for one is the latest trend in Indian wear and designers have incorporated it quite stylishly into their outfits. It is very girly, pretty and elegant to carry. Ruffles lend a certain softness and fairy tale charm to the look. For the upcoming festive and wedding season, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of outfits with ruffles and add to my closet.

One of my friends introduced me to this label a few days back @Kehiaaofficial. And I just loved the bright solid colours and the feminine silhouettes. Since I was already looking for an outfit with some ruffles, I instantly liked these two outfits from their latest collection.

RUFFLES - latest trend of the season

The lime yellow colour of the first outfit is a statement in itself. Its bright and instantly lifts up the look. This outfits is a little more traditional than the other one. It makes for an ideal wear for a lot of occasions. It can be worn on pre wedding functions. A bridesmaid can carry it off really well on the wedding day itself. Charming, pretty and yet with a very chic modern vibe. The blouse has beautiful mirror and thread work and goes really well with the simple flowy lehenga skirt.

The other outfit is what aptly befits the style of the modern urban woman. The blouse is an off shoulder with a flattering heart cut style. There are attached sleeves that also fall much below the shoulder. It’s a pre draped saree with ruffles that is attached to a slim fit cigarette style pants. The look is very flattering and sexy for someone with a lean frame. You can either pin up the saree over one shoulder or just carry it easy on one of the arms. The baby pink colour of the saree is what also blew my mind. I have nothing so delicate in my wardrobe and was keenly looking out for this colour. The blouse again has intricate thread and embroidery work.

Ruffles are the latest trend these days. But just do not pick up anything that you see. Carrying a ruffled outfit can be tricky. It can also make you look not very well put together and you can just end up managing the outfit all the time. Pick something that is graceful, elegant yet comfortable at the same time.

Latest trend in Indian Wear

Try the outfit and if it is too much of a task to carry it or doesn’t really resonate with your personal style, don’t end up buying it.

Hope you liked these two looks. Would love to hear your comments below. For more on Indian fashion, you may read our blog posts ‘How to make a statement in an Anarkali suit’, ‘How to look sexy in an Indian Lehenga’and How to look stunning in Indian outfits’.

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Garima/ Team LadyInRoseGold