OUTFIT IDEAS for Brides who are NOT so much into Bridal Lehengas

When all women are not the same, why should they turn up into similar looking brides on their Wedding Day. As Trousseau Shoppers, we sincerely believe that each bride shall wear her own individual personality up her sleeve. No matter what you are wearing, do remember to add a piece of your own identity to the whole look. If your tastes are more boho, let your look reflect the same. If you are more inclined to minimalism and simplicity, wear something that says elegant and simple all the way. But do let your personality shine out through one or the other aspect of your whole look.

Bridal lehengas make for a gorgeous visual on a bride on her wedding day. Yet with gatherings getting smaller and weddings becoming sleeker, Brides in 2020 are opting for a lot of other silhouettes to wear on their wedding apart from just lehengas. Also, with the brides these days being more cosmopolitan, they are open to the idea of experimenting and wearing something that they don’t have to think twice before wearing into their married lives as well.

Our in house team sat down, brainstormed and after much exploration and discussions, came up with these outfit ideas. They are gorgeous and resplendent and no bride needs to think twice before picking up any of them for her wedding day. If you are also getting married soon and want to make a statement with the choice of your outfit, pick any of these looks that suits your personality the best.

1. The traditional Classic Red Sarees

These sarees have always been like hot cakes with women going to be brides-to-be. Though traditional in their look, they give out a very strong and authoritative vibe. Particularly, the red Banarasi Sabyasachi Saree, which is a statement and a cult in itself. The saree has been a favourite with a lot of celebrities and Bollywood actors as well for their own wedding festivities. A bride would look lovely wearing a red saree to her wedding, along with a matching or neutral dupatta on her head. Paired with heavy traditional jewellery, a choker or a raani haar and big chandeliers and maang tikka, this would make for an ideal wedding outfit.

Bridal Lehenga
Bridal Lehenga
2. Full Length Anarkali Suits

What works for these suits is that they give a very voluminous appeal  just like a bridal lehenga does yet are easy to carry. Perfect for a tall bride, she can wear a floor touching full length suit, with heavy jewellery and some statement Indian accessories like a polki bag to carry along. What works the best is that these suits can very well be worn into your post married life ad would not just rest in your cupboards for years, without ever being taken out.

Bridal Lehengas
Wedding Shopping
3. Atypical Floral Bridal Lehengas

Designer Sabyasachi does these lehengas the best. And if we may admit, they are quite a rage with the new age Indian and NRI brides. They look youthful, vibrant, girly and make for the perfect daytime wedding outfit. For weddings with a limited gathering and when the bride wishes to wear her playfulness chirpy self-up her sleeve, she can certainly opt for an unconventional floral bridal lehenga.

Indian weddings
4. Full Length Indo Western Gowns

Since last few years, gowns have really made a robust entry into the Indian Wedding looks. You would ideally not need to cover your head with a dupatta with this one. A bride can add her own interesting styling elements to the look. Maybe some interesting pieces of earrings or a very modern stylish hair do. Also, with wedding functions limiting to just one or two, the bride would not really get a chance to wear a gown on any other of her functions. Why not slip into a dreamy fairy tale gown on her wedding day itself.

Bridal lehenga
5. Indian Suits

Indian suits are the most preferred Bridal attire for brides that wish to steer clear of the predictable Bridal lehenga look. And we totally agree. You can style it up with your jewellery and accessories or wear it just like that. They are easy to carry and the Bride can have all the fun that she wants to in this comfortable attire.

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Bridal Lehenga