HAIR CARE REGIME every BRIDE must start following 3 months before her Wedding

They say it takes minimum three months to completely transform the health and condition of your hair. Yes, you heard it right. Those Goldilocks are not achieved in a day or two. It takes a strict hair care regime and quite a lot of efforts to achieve those beautiful tresses. Your hair are definitely your crowning glory. All girls dream to have shiny, healthy, beautiful hair. Most of them want long hair too. But they take effort. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted thick, lustrous, healthy hair. If on a particular day, my hair are all bouncy, shiny and soft, I am automatically in a great mood. Good hair keeps a girl happy.

For girls getting married soon, it is undoubtedly imperative to take care of their health and skin. All brides to be, do remember it takes at least three months to improve the quality of your hair. Even if you would have your head covered on the wedding day, you still have to work upon your hair. You would be styling and flaunting your tresses all into the early days of your married life. There would be occasions to dress up and you would want your hair to flow like smooth beachy waves at all times. So, whether or not, you have ever paid much heed to the health of your hair, now is the time. Now is the time of your life, when you need to dedicatedly look after your tresses and make sure they look the best as you get prepared to be a bride and enter the married phase of your life.  Also, read ‘TRENDING HAIRSTYLES for BRIDES in 2020’.

HAIR CARE Rituals for Brides to be

Bookmark each one of the pointers below if you are getting married soon. Religiously follow all these rituals for at least three months and you would notice a drastic upgrade in the quality and condition of your hair.


We all know the benefits of taking a good diet. When it comes to hair and skin, it shows what you eat. Your hair are the first reflection of your overall well being and internal health. Your hair quality immediately drops down if your diet is not nutritious enough or you are suffering from any emotional or mental distresses. Similarly, a wholesome healthy diet reflects instantly in the quality of your hair. Make cautious and drastic changes to your diet. Start consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables. Increase your protein intake manifold. Eat a lot of food products that are known to aid the health and growth of your hair. Eggs, Nuts, berries, Chicken, Fish, Flaxseeds, Avocadoes, Spinach, Legumes, Dairy are all indispensable for a good head of hair. Steer clear of aerated drinks, alcohol and junk food.

Hair Care
Hair Care
Hair food


A good Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hair Serum can do such wonders to your hair, it is difficult to fathom. If they come at a cost, it is no eye wash. It is for a good reason. Always have a detailed discussion with a hair expert or your hair stylist. Get your hair and scalp analyzed. Let him suggest suitable products that cater to your hair concerns. Kerastase (Read our detailed review of Keastase products), Moroccon Oil, Aveda, GK, Wella, System Professional, are all very reputed effective brands. But let an expert suggest you what suits your needs the best. Always opt for a paraben and sulphate free shampoo. The more organic and natural the products are, the better. Paired with the right hair serum and hair masks, these products would really help to nourish, repair and hydrate your hair deeply. Use them for 3 months and your hair would be completely transformed before your wedding. Also read,  ‘Are HAIR SERUMS really good for your HAIR.’

hair serum
Hair serum


We strongly advice all our brides to be to visit a Nutrition expert or even a Physician at least three months before their Wedding Date. Days leading up to the wedding can be really stressful and hectic for a bride. And that takes a toll on her health, hair and skin. It is imperative to consult a nutrition expert. They will add necessary vitamin and mineral supplements to your diet or also address any deficiencies in your overall diet. Supplements like Vitamin C and E, antioxidants, cod liver oil really help in regeneration of your hair and skin cells and boost healthy hair growth as well. Along with the diet, a few supplements are very essential for fostering better health.


We really do not need to reiterate the benefits of oiling your hair regularly. Our older generations had been doing them and always advised us to do the same as well. But with our fast lives and schedules, we really haven’t been stressing enough on this old age ritual. Oil just doesn’t help with adding moisture to your hair, a good massage also helps the oil to reach well into the scalp. It leads effective blood circulation and relaxing the mind, which further helps in the overall health of the hair roots. Oil your hair with Coconut, Almond, Olive or any other herbal oil, once or twice each week. Leave it overnight and wash the next morning. It is better if you use lukewarm oil. Tie in a bun and wear a hair mask or a hair wrap to let the oil absorb better. You can also apply some very nourishing home made masks. Be it banana and honey or yogurt with oil and lemon, these masks works wonders and show results in just one application.


Yes, even if you are feeling perfectly hale and hearty, see a doctor. If you are having dry, frizzy, brittle hair or your hair fall is too much, don’t wait and visit a doctor. Get your scalp health tested. Your hormones checked. Any anomaly can be resulting in poor hair condition and hair fall. You need a good three months to get everything restored. Get your tests done under the prescription of a doctor and ensure your body and systems are in the best condition.


Don’t just start your salon visits a month before your wedding. To get your mane in the best health, get regular with your salon sessions three months in advance (or even before). Get your hair trimmed regularly. Go in for nourishing hydrating hair spas every fortnight. They might not show drastic results in one session, but they are surely highly effective. By the time of your wedding, your hair would end up looking healthy, bouncy and shiny. Regular hair spas would take away any frizz and unruliness from your hair.



Stay strictly away from all styling tools that use heat. Let your hair stay as natural as possible. On matter how many serums or heat protection sprays you use, these heat tools do damage and burn your hair while styling. Even let your hair dry naturally after a wash. There is no need to blow dry them. Refrain from rubbing them against the towel to dry. Just apply a nourishing serum and let them dry on their own.


If you have heavily pre-lighted hair, try and go back to a more natural darker colour. Mahogany, dark brown, olive, are colours that best suit Indian skin toes. Do not get your hair bleached or pre-lighted any time before your wedding. The darker the hair, the better they would reflect light and shine. Steer clear of experimenting with any box packed dyes, hair colours or any new product that your hair are not used to. They might not suit and cause an allergic reaction. You would better want to be safe than sorry. Read more here ‘How to take care of your COLORED HAIR.’


For women across ages, deficient diet and stress are still the prime factor for deteriorating the health of their hair and causing hair fall. Pre wedding is actually a stressful and anxious time for the bride. There is too much hustle and action happening. Try to keep yourself calm and composed at all times. Try and indulge in atleast 40 minutes of yoga or some other form of physical exercise each day. Do breathing exercises or meditate. Keep yourself in a happy, protected and loving environment during the days leading up to your wedding.


Wedding preparations call for a lot of shopping trips. But ensure that your hair are not directly exposed to the sunlight. The peak hours from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm can be particularly harsh on your skin and hair. While stepping out on your shopping sprees, just always ensure that you have loads of Sunscreen on your face and cover your hair with a scarf, bandana, hat or a cap at all times. Also, keep your hair tied as often as possible. Do not leave them too opened all the time as this leads to hair breakage and also leads to unruliness. Read our Blog post ‘Best HAIR ACCESSORIES TO ADORN’ to explore more ideas for this.

Finally, for our brides we always recommend them to invest heavily in their skin and hair care before their weddings. Even more than their makeup and outfits. They say good hair and skin comes only to those who work hard for it. Give your hair three months of time and follow all these 10 practices very religiously. You are sure to have rich, healthy, nourished heavy hair at the time of your wedding and into your married life.