SILVER JEWELLERY I fell in love with at the first go !

We women have always been enchanted with diamonds and stones. But one look at those stunning silver jewellery pieces that I saw at the store the other day, and my heart was pounding with excitement. If one has been keeping up with my fashion related stories on Instagram and Facebook, they would have seen my infinite love for the SILVER JEWELLERY. I happened to visit a few of the jewellery designers of late. And picked up a few of the exquisite pieces from their collection. It was such a joy styling and flaunting them. Read on to know more about my love for Silver Jewellery.

This neckpiece and earrings happen to be one of my favorites. I am generally not an earrings person. I avoid wearing the smallest of studs also, let alone big hanging chandeliers. But one look at these earrings, and I was mesmerized. That design and setting is just so beautiful. And they are just the right size of big that is needed to cover the ear without looking too big. The neckpiece too with a deity pendant in the centre is a statement on its own. It is huge with little balls of silver clustered together throughout. It looks majestic and yet very chic. What I loved the most about this silver jewellery is that it is traditional yet modern at the same time. It is big and noticeable yet not too overpowering to take upon my whole look.


In these 3-4 years, during my work profile as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, I have stumbled upon some amazing silver jewellery collections. There is no way a woman can resist to add them to her collection. These pieces are extremely versatile and can be styled in a hundred ways. And they would make a statement each time. Ideally, these can be easily worn as separates, just the earrings or the neckpiece. No doubt, they go really well with any Indian wear outfits, especially the cottons. But they can easily be styled with Western wear as well.

Get a little creative and play with new styles of your own. A black flared pants, white shirt or t-shirt and one of these pieces would look really cool. So would a tank top and boyfriend denims. A pant style saree with a plunging neckline, a shirt dress, a summer gown, anything would look great with these silver jewellery pieces. Just remember, do not go overboard and overdo the numbers.

Outfit Courtsey – YUVRANI JAIPUR

Jewellery Courtsey – The TIANA

These pieces are so stunning that you would be tempted to wear all of them. But of course you don’t wish to look too tribal or a junkie. Hence, just limit yourself to one or two pieces. You would surely grab the eyeballs.


There are quite a few exceptional designers brand sand labels these days that are into Silver Jewellery. Tribe by Amrapali, Sangeeta Boochra, SilverCentre to name a few. I would soon be doing a separate blog post on my favourite silver jewellery brands. But for now, all the jewellery that I have seen so far has been exceptional. Those pieces are traditional yet so suitable for the modern women. They are high on style and designs, some even better than designs in gold jewellery. Modern Silver Jewellery is very chic and can  be worn with a lot of looks and styles. The pieces look rich and exquisite and one doesn’t need to think twice before wearing them off to a high-end gathering. They have a regal and royal touch to them and rather make you stand out for your taste and choice.


The real silver does not rust or turn black. But it does need to be handles well and taken care of just like any other precious jewellery. Do not keep it in open for too long. Ideally, one should pack each of the pieces separately in cotton or muslin cloth or some soft clothing and kept safe. Do not keep it wet. It should be kept in a dry and safe place. Once in a while, you can pull the pieces out and let them breathe in some air. You can also clean off any dust from time to time with the help of a soft brush.

Do not spray perfume or any other makeup spray on your jewellery. Cover it with a hand or cloth while spraying.

Do not let the pieces rub off each other anytime. Also, handle them with care. Do not mould, turn or twist the pieces too much. They are solid but yet the joints are a little delicate. You would not want to put extra pressure on them.


I hope you love these images. Have fun styling your Silver Jewellery. These pieces are just as much heritage and vintage as the other jewellery from your mom’s closet. Take good enough care of them so that your future generations can also enjoy the chance to style and flaunt them. If you are looking for some modern jewellery brands, you may  read , MODERN JEWELLERY BRANDS to be paired with your western outfits.’

Lots of love,

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold