Are INDIAN WEDDINGS really HAPPENING amidst the Corona virus Pandemic ?

The Corona virus has affected our lives in more ways than one. Strangely, the virus has definitely affected those who it has affected in the literal sense but has also touched upon the lives of those it hasn’t physically affected. We all are bearing the impact of this virus. Either economically, psychologically, mentally or emotionally. Our relationships have also not gone untouched. For the Wedding industry, this pandemic has brought in a major setback. Weddings had to be halted during the lockdown. Now even in the unlock phase, the hotels and wedding lawns have not been permitted to operate. Moreover, gatherings surpassing more than 50 guests are still not allowed.  Couples and their families are definitely perplexed in such an uncertain scenario with how to go about everything.

People who were supposed to get married this year are in a major flux. But if we look at the brighter side, few of the changes have definitely been for the good, in the hindsight of course. Weddings are now a sleeker affair with only the closest and the most immediate people involved. This makes the union of the couple a more personal celebration. As of in August 2020, people are actually looking forward to getting married towards the end of this year.

Indian weddings
Indian weddings

If you are a couple looking at getting married soon, read below to understand what all changes you should expect and incorporate in your new wedding plans.

The new INDIAN WEDDING amidst and post the Corona pandemic

– As on 12th August, 2020, the gatherings for the weddings have been kept limited to not more than 50 people. And this social distancing norm doesn’t look like going away soon, atleast not till the end of this year. So, if you are planning to get married in the next 6 months, be ready to plan it as an intimate wedding with very few family and friends in attendance. If you have the fondness for those large 500 plus gatherings, be ready to wait till the summer of 2021 atleast.

– Most of the couples right now are worried about the venues. At the moment, a lot of weddings are taking place at the home ground or at a family farm with limited guests present. Hotels, banquets, Weddings resorts have still not been allowed to start operations by the government guidelines. So, coordinate with your décor and venue vendor and check on the feasibilities of the availability on some of the future dates. Kickstart your wedding planning once that is confirmed.

– When it comes to food, most of the people are still hesitant to eat from the outside, and for the right reasons too. Couples who are getting married in their drawing rooms are arranging for home kitchen vendors, who can cook either in their kitchens or get all the food packed from the home kitchens. The hygiene, safety and quality is given paramount importance in such an arrangement. Speak to your caterer and food vendor to understand what safety measures he would follow in the current situation. Food makes for a major aspect in a wedding. And once this factor is sorted, you are good to go.

– As Wedding Shoppers, we are shopping for our couples and their families, but most of the sessions are happening online through videos. We are ensuring that our clients do not have to move out much for the selections, trials and fittings. Our team is overstretching to make up for all the extra groundwork that we are required to do now. If you are planning for your wedding in the coming six months, it makes sense to hire professionals right now, so that they get enough time to plan. Rather than being physically present for the selections, you can also research a lot online to be a little clear on what is available and what you would prefer.

Indian wedding

Times have definitely changed, but we do see a bright shining ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. For now, the best option that we have is to adapt and evolve ourselves with the new normal. We, humans are an adaptive species for some reason after all. Read our blog post, ‘What does the future of Indian Weddings look like in post Corona times.’

The world scenario might have undergone a sea change, but Indian Weddings would never stop happening. People wont stop falling in love and wanting to get together and get married. Yes, the guest lists, the food menus, the décor, the outfits might become simpler and less grandeur. The scale of the celebrations might reduce. But that would not  take away from the essence of the Indian Weddings.

Plan your wedding with full gusto and make it into the most memorable time of your life.  For tips on how to plan for your wedding this year, read the post, ‘Weddings in Corona times; how to plan them differently?’ For all your Wedding Shopping needs, we are just a call away.

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