How can a WEDDING SHOPPER help you with your Wedding Preparations?

Who exactly is a WEDDING SHOPPER? What do they really do? Well, I would not say that this line of work or industry segment has been there for years. But yes, it has gained a lot of prominence in the recent times. This is a result of a quite a few factors. First, weddings in India have gone even fatter than the much celebrated ‘big fat Indian wedding’. That is in terms of the opulence and the grandeur. Second, there is a whole plethora of varieties and collections available out there. And this for everything from outfits, to jewellery, to gifts, makeup, anything and everything. And must I say, the choices are not quite easy. Most Of the times, the collections are all great, but we do understand that our clients are the ones who are looking for the ‘extraordinaire amongst the best’.

Third and final, with the popularity and omnipresence of Social Media all around, your wedding is not just captured for eternity for you, it is also documented across several Social Media accounts of your friends and even ‘friends of their friends’.  The images and videos would go rampant on Facebook and Instagram accounts of almost everyone who has witnessed the nuptials. So, you would definitely want to look a million bucks for those visuals. Hence, for all the wedding shopping that is an extravagant process these days, it is preferred to have a professional Wedding Shopper by your side through it.

We have been working as Wedding Shoppers and Trousseau Stylists for Brides and Grooms and their families for quite some time now. Initially the concept was quite naïve but a few interactions with our clients and we realised how desperately it is needed for the weddings happening around. So, in a nutshell a Wedding Shopper is someone who handholds you through the entire wedding shopping process. For the complete break up, read on below

Wedding Shopper
Wedding Shopping
Trousseau Shopper

What does a WEDDING SHOPPER exactly do?

– A Wedding Shopper would handle the entire shopping preparations in a highly organized and systematic manner. They would help you navigate through each aspect of it seamlessly. So, there would be no running around from designer to designer and store to store. No random trips to the market. After due deliberation and understanding of your preferences and lifestyle, the best of the options would be made available to you. We will guide on what will suit you the best and would make for the best purchase.

We have been in the industry for a pretty long time and know what works best on whom. Our teams have been following fashion as that is our first love and understand it bit by bit. You would probably know what you want based on what you have seen around. But we have seen a LOT OF IT, hence, we are in a better position to suggest and recommend the BEST to you.

– Hiring a professional Wedding Shopper helps you save a lot of money. Yes, no need to read it again. You read it right. Wedding shopping is a serious business and just like you need a Chartered Accountant to guide you through your investments and financials handling, similarly one needs a professional Wedding Shopper and Trousseau stylist to guide you through the entire wedding shopping process. We understand in depth the worth of each item that you are buying. And we all know that those outfits and jewellery don’t cost any less than a bomb. We are experts in guiding you where to put your money right. A lot of times brides and their families get tempted into making impulsive purchases. We help you save all of that money. In fact, you get the best picks and deals in your budget and save a few pennies along the way too.

– The industry these days is overloaded with brand sand labels. And we cannot take away credit from them. They are all so good that it actually becomes baffling for a buyer to make choices. With hiring a Wedding Shopper, you can be rest assured you are in professional hands. The best of it all would be served to you on a platter. Everything would happen in an organized systematic way and there would be no room for any last minute hassles or mistakes. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary effort, energy waste and unnecessary hustle.   Also, a lot of time is saved since we along with our team manage a lot of things on your behalf.

– When we are onboard for a wedding, we make sure that nothing turns out to be mediocre or average. Your wedding is going to be the most cherished phase of your life. We work towards making everything look out of this world and almost perfect. We also save our brides from making any mistakes that most brides end up making while doing their Shopping. Read the blog post on this, ‘MISTAKES most brides make while doing their Trousseau Shopping.’

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Weddings Shopper
Wedding Shopper

With a professional service to take care of your shopping, you can have the most fun out of your Wedding celebrations and the preparations. We love to see our couples and their families beaming with joy and unfiltered happiness during this time. And also looking stunning and gorgeous while doing so. Our team is there to put every hair pin and flower and the tie pin right in order.

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