5 Basic MAKEUP ESSENTIALS for women Working from Home (WFH) during Corona

The new normal is an unprecedented one. When we were all wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’ this time around, little did we know what this new year has in store for us. Last 6 months have been a roller coaster journey for all of us. For people in Corporate jobs, this new ‘work from home’ culture is something they had probably wished for, but that it would come around this way was never expected.

‘Work from home’ has both its benefits and problems. One does manage to escape those long commuting hours and saves up on all that time. But people are also missing that joy and frolic of working in the office space and engaging in healthy interactions and banter with colleagues and teams. Those brainstorming sessions and official meetings were a stimulating part of the working. Now, for every interaction, one has to either get on calls or do zoom/video calls. With this new normal of team meetings happening over video calls, there are also quite a few aspects one needs to learn for that. For instance, how to present oneself on these video calls. Wearing formals might not be needed in the ‘work from home’ culture, but one needs to be mindful of how they present themselves on a work video call.  Apart from the clothing, it is also important that you come across as active, fresh and on your toes on the calls. For women, it is absolutely not necessary to put on a full face of makeup, but yes, a little brush up so that they look pleasing and not exhausted or too casual is definitely needed.

Makeup essentials you need to have for the new ‘WORK FROM HOME’ culture

  1. A hydrating MOISTURIZER and TONER

Though it is a skin care product, but a toner really helps to make your skin look youthful and alive. A toner closes all those big pores and nourishes your skin. Apply it twice a day after cleansing. Similarly, a good moisturizer keeps your skin supple and glowing. Use both these products twice a day to help your skin look its radiant best naturally.


2. A Face Compact

You don’t need to put on a foundation or base each day to appear for video calls. Since you are at home, let your skin breathe and replenish as much as it can. But even when you are home, do not forget to put on a good Sunscreen/sunblock. Just move around a few strokes of the compact over your face so that it gets an even tone. For women with heavy dark circles or blemishes, you can also add on a bit of concealer before putting on the compact.

3. A Black Mascara

Yes, this one is needed. On days when you feel worn out, weary or sleepy, put on some layers of mascara on your eyelashes. It definitely helps to make those eyes look very open up. Mascara also adds a touch of glam to your face. Using a white liner

4. Lip Tint/ Neutral lip shade

Add a little color to your lips by using a lip tint or a lip color in a summer neutral shade. Do not use very bright or strikingly prominent lip shade during a video call. Keep it subtle with just a dash of colour so that your face looks bright and appealing.

Work from home
Work from Home

5. Blush on

Highlight your cheeks a bit with some colour so that you do not look sullen or flushed out. Add some colour with your lip tint/stain or use a powder blush on. If your blush on is well blended and adds the right amount of colour, you really do not need any other makeup product on your face. There is a reason why all fashionistas are so hell bent on applying a blush on at all times. A right blush on can liven up your face and make it look attractive like nothing else.

work from home
work from home

Finally, wear your confidence up the sleeve. Wear makeup only to enhance your presentability and your personality. It is still who you are as a person and your work that shows up the best in the video calls. These 5 products are just enough to glam up that face a bit.

Make the best of this ‘work from home’ time period. It is till a lot of boon to stay in the comforts of your home and still be working. Your skin is being saved from all the dust, pollution and the sun. Enjoy this time and love and pamper your skin the most. To know about how to   work upon your fitness in this lockdown, read our blog post ‘How am I keeping up with my EXERCISE ROUTINE even in Lockdown.’

Stay beautiful,

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Garima/ Team LadyInRoseGold