How to tame those frizzy, unruly, CURLY HAIR in this MONSOON SEASON

Naturally wavy curly hair can be a real havoc in the monsoon weather. Girls with such hair would agree. I have tackled with this problem for years now. The frizz levels can go mountain high. Do anything but the hair would dictate their own rules. Its just as if they turn hostile and would refuse to listen to you. Even for girls with straight, manageable hair, monsoons are a real bad time. The hair get all limply, and lifeless. The hair fall also increases immensely. You just end up losing strands and strands of hair for no reason. Some days, I really dread monsoons. As much as I love rains, I am really not happy when monsoons arrive. They make my hair look really big, dry and unmanaged. It is as if I lose half of my hair whenever I wash them.

If you are also someone who has curly hair and find it really hard to keep them in control during monsoons, please read on. As they say good skin comes to those who work for it. Similarly, a head of good hair comes to those who take very good care of their mane. And it doesn’t need a cumbersome schedule or some expensive hair treatments. All it needs is some effort and some dedicated time that you invest in maintaining your hair. And the results are truly noteworthy and worth all the effort.

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For women with frizzy, unruly, untamable, rebellious curly hair, you can follow these tips. We cannot do much about the rains and how the humidity in the air affects our hair. But we can definitely adopt some best practices and take some extra care of our hair. So that atleast they are much healthier and look better managed and presentable.

1. Wash them regularly – Since the air is very humid and sticky in monsoons, both our scalp and hair tend to attract a whole lot of dirt, pollution and greasiness. Also, our oil glands on the scalp tend to become overactive. Dirty scalp and hair leads o a lot of breakage and hairfall. Make sure to wash your hair after every couple of days. If you are into high intensity workouts, and sweating, do wash your hair every alternate day. Remember, the cleaner your scalp is, the healthier your hair will look and feel.

2. Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner – For dry, damaged hair, a moisturizing and repairing shampoo and conditioner are very important. Make sure your products are free from any sort of parabens and sulphates. Try and use organic products. Since you would be washing your hair more frequently, your shampoo and conditioner must be really mild yet nourishing and hydrating. Ask your hair dresses to recommend you something suitable


3. Keep your scalp clean and healthy – There is a high probability of skin infections happening in monsoons. Make sure to keep your scalp and hair clean. Do not let any itchiness occur. If the itchiness persists even after hair wash, please do see a doctor. Scalp infections lead to enormous hairfall. See a doctor and take medications before any damage is done.


4. Use a high end Hair serum – Invest money in a good hair serum. Applying a hair serum on your semi dry hair will go a long way in keeping those frizzy hair manageable. Only comb your hair after applying serum and once the hair are completely dry. Combing on wet hair leads to a lot of hair breakage and hair coming off from the roots. Start detangling from the tips, softly working your way upwards, closer to the scalp. To know more about Hair Serums, read our blog ‘Are HAIR SERUMS really good for your hair?’

5. Do not rub your towel against wet hair – Be extra gentle with your hair during monsoons. Your hair are at their weakest due to the humidity in air. Wrap a towel over your hair after the wash. Do not keep it for too long as it can cause infection. Just gently press your hair against the towel so that the extra water is soaked in. Do not rub or try too hard to dry them. Let them dry in their own time.

6. Take a healthy diet – Increase your protein intake. Eat a lot of eggs, spinach, fish, fruits and nuts. Your diet always reflects in the quality of your hair. Drink a lot of water and other liquids like coconut water, fresh juices, milk. Steer clear of aerated drinks and also consume alcohol in very meagre quantities.

7. Oil your hair regularly – Oil your hair twice in a week. This helps to manage unruliness and also provides necessary hydration. But do not overheat the oil. Keep it lukewarm. Also, do not keep the oil in your hair for a prolonged period. Else it would just attract more dirt and pollution to your hair. Keep it for overnight. Also, do not shampoo too hard to get rid of the oil. This would take away all the natural oils and moisture from your hair.

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Curly Hair

8. Keep your towels, comb and other hair accessories clean – Wash your combs regularly. There are greater chances of invoking an infection in monsoons. Keep you towers absolutely clean, washed and dry. Even using a damp towel can instigate fungal infection.

9. Stay away from heat products – Don’t use too much of a blow dry or curling rods. It is difficult to manage hair in the monsoons. Too much of heat will only make them even bigger and frizzier in the humid weather.

I hope these inputs really help. Monsoons are a tough period for all of us damsels. Thank god they last only for a couple of months. Take some extra care of your curly hair and enjoy your rains with a free mind. Rains are to have fun. Enjoy the weather with your family and friends over good food and gossip. You can style up your hair in a bun or a braid with some interesting accessory. You will have your own chic look for the monsoons. For our more blog posts on hair and sin care, please do visit our ‘BEAUTY’ category.

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