Ways to keep your mind CALM and RELAXED while making preparations for the WEDDING DAY

Weddings can be as much anxiety-inducing as they can be fun. The long and hectic pre wedding festivity days are surely tiring and taxing, but so are the months long preparations. You might not feel the burn at that time, but it sure leaves you extremely drained and exhausted as an after effect. To plan and organize all the shopping effectively, there are professional Wedding Shoppers and Trousseau Stylists in the industry like us. This atleast takes a lot of burden off your head. And you are assured that your wedding preparations are in professional hands.

Yet, to combat that pre-wedding burnout, brides and grooms need to be a little mindful of how they plan up their schedules leading up to the wedding day. You are not just preparing for your guests to enjoy. You would also want to have the most gala time celebrating the best days of your life.

How to keep anxiety and stress at bay while preparing for your Wedding Day?

1. Just don’t make your entire schedule about the wedding. Couples these days start planning for their wedding months in advance. Do not just keep your entire schedule revolved around the wedding preparations. Keep time for other activities as well.

2. Remember a wedding is a milestone in your life and not an achievement. Life will come back to normal once the festivities are over. Don’t overhype it so much that you have a real tough time succumbing back to the normal monotony and routine of the everyday life.

3. A wedding and the related rituals are only the beginning of a marriage and an entire life time of companionship. It is not larger than the essence of the institution of marriage itself. It is falsely made out to be through those week long days of celebrations and over hyping. The base of a happy married life still remains to be love, compatibility and the undying commitment towards each other between the couple.

4. Communicate at length with your partner on your post wedding life, expectations and routine. This would help keep you more grounded, and closer to reality.

Wedding Day
Wedding Day
Wedding Day

5. A marriage is about two people first, then their families and then the guests. A marriage is a commitment between two individuals and the guests are only witnesses to the formal ceremony of taking vows. The immediate family to an extent is the shareholder. Rest, it is the groom and the bride who are the major account holders or the affected parties. Keep your wedding about you and not the others.

6. Don’t take every detail too seriously. Focus on perfection but don’t go paranoid about setting up some standards. It is not a contest. Focus more on genuine enjoyment and happiness. There is no end to ostentation and showcase of your standards when it comes to Indian weddings. Do not make your wedding day all about that.

7. No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. So do not even make an unbounded effort to. Your wedding is about celebrating your joyous union with your spouse with your friends and family. If your uncle’s cousins father did not find the décor too flattering or did not approve of using the lilies instead of orchids, it would not really make much difference to your married life.

8. A wedding is not the start and end of it all. It is just the beginning to a wonderful life. You will get a lot of occasions and opportunities in your married life to do all those things that you might not be able to accommodate in your wedding.

9. Indulge in some workout and physical activity all the time to take off that excess anxiety and stress. Try to meditate or do breathing exercises. In the months leading to your wedding day, you must stress hard on your mental, physical and emotional well-being. It is only if you would feel good is that you would look good.

10. Stick to your budgets. Don’t spend on impulse. Over extending your budget would put an added strain on you. Make an expenses budget for everything and try to remain in limits.

11. Stay connected to your work. Yes, do take time off for the preparations, but do not totally give up on your work. This would divert your mind.

12. Stay connected to your friends. Meet them once in a while and try and engage in conversations beyond wedding preparations. Stay connected to the world affairs and what is happening around. Rather, take time off to meet your friends personally rather than staying connected on virtual apps or Social Media.

13. Take time out to pursue your other passions as well like reading, writing, cooking, gardening, painting etc.

14. Do not over absorb yourself with your partner. Take some time off each other as well. Don’t overexert or over drain yourself. It is a long term relation and you would not want to be out of topics for conversations post marriage.

15. Eat light and healthy. Do not over binge on junk food. The healthier you eat, the more active and clear your though process would be.

Finally, you don’t need to dig your hands into all aspects of your wedding preparations. Some tasks are best left to the experts. With us on board, you would have to least worry about your wedding shopping and Trousseau planning. Our team of stylists will get the best collections on board for you.