‘MIX n MATCH’ to create a perfect fusion of MODERN and ETHNIC looks

Last 10 years have changed things faster than we had expected. Fashion changes every couple of months. There is a plethora of designers to choose from. And each one has a stunning collection. In such times, it is even more imperative to have a strong sense of personal style so that you don’t get too lost in this sea of emerging and disappearing styles. Try to understand what suits your body. And what styles naturally complement your personality. For some women, looks with an ethnic touch suits their bodies better. For others western styles do better justice.

To make a strong statement, I love creating new styles with individual pieces of clothing present in my wardrobe. I really like to pair them up and style them differently each time. Whenever I am shopping, I always consider the versatility of the outfit I am picking up. Standalone dresses are good for special occasions or for wearing once in a while. Still, I like to invest in pieces that have a longevity and look nice every time I pair them with something.

Fashion for me is a fine balance of style and comfort. For this reason, I love to create looks that have both the western as well as some Indian element.

How to ‘MIX n MATCH’ to create that perfect fusion of Modern and Ethnic looks?

– Have a lot of versatile pieces in your wardrobe. There should be different styles, cuts, colours, and fabrics.

– Have a few options that are out of your comfort zone. Do not be repetitive with your styling. If you are a hesitant to try out a new style, pair it with some more comfortable and gradually you’ll get at ease wearing it.

– Consider the occasion as well. You would not want to look very out of place. Balance is the watchword.

– It always pays to have a few pieces of rare Indian weaving and embroidery in your wardrobe. They might be an investment but they always get you compliments whenever you wear them. You can also sneak a few pieces from your mother’s wardrobe. Remember, vintage never goes out of style.

– Jewellery and accessories really help to put together the entire look. Silver jewellery has always been a rage and even more so now. Invest in some interesting pieces that look good all by themselves and help to further elevate your style.

– Do not add too much of a traditional vibe unless the occasion needs. Keep it modern and easy to carry.

– With time and effort, you will develop a perfection towards curating fusion styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

– If you are experimenting with your dressing, try to steer clear of too much of hairstyle or makeup. You don’t want to look like as if you have tried too hard !

Finally, carry anything that you wear with absolute aplomb and poise. Nothing speaks style louder than confidence. 

Hope this post would motivate you to try out something new next time. Do visit my Instagram handle ‘LadyInRoseGold’ for some inspiration.

Till my next post,

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold