POWER DRESSING for Women - Why I LOVE this trend so much?

Well, we women are powerful beings and there is no denying that. I just recently read somewhere, ”Sometimes the strongest women are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fights battles that nobody knows about.” Each one of us is fighting a battle of her own. Yes, a few of them come across more strongly in their demeanor. And the others might look fragile and meek. But as they say, never judge a book by its cover. I have known of some really regular women, who probably don’t come across as authoritative and too in your face bold and strong, yet they have shown the greatest strengths and courage in their lives.

What is POWER DRESSING exactly?

Coming back to the topic of POWER DRESSING for women, well this is one of my all times favourite styles. In fact, if I may say, it is a style that comes very naturally to me. I like outfits and styles that bring out the strong, bossy, know my mind vibe in me, rather than the very docile feminine side. I really do not like to dress up too feminine. Power Dressing for women is the choice of attire wherein your outfit establishes your authority and dominion much before you speak. To say, your outfit does the talking for you. Especially for women at their workplace, power dressing is a very defining style statement. They say you must dress up as per your position. So, whether you are in a corporate role, running a family business, or getting your hands dirty as an entrepreneur, you must incorporate Power Dressing as a part of your style.

It doesn’t have to be formal all the time. Rather, it is the perfect way to dress up trendy and semi-casual or completely informal and still mean Business.  It is the undertone of the whole look, silhouette, and the colour screams of power and authority. Its like just straight away saying, ‘You take me seriously, OR YOU TAKE ME SERIOUSLY !’

Power Dressing for women isn’t necessarily exclusive to your work place. Even if you are wearing a black dress and pair it with elements and accessories in a way that it looks powerful, that too is power dressing. Well-tailored Business suits for women make for a very sexy powerful outfit. Some of the other options can be pairing a pencil skirt with a fitted blazer, a single colour body hugging dress with a belt or a blazer again. A well fitted denim with a smart blouse or a shirt, a belt, and some tall heels also says, ‘POWER DRESSING.’

I have been a fan of both Power Dressing and Androgynous look (looks that are not gender specific) for quite some time now. Though the art of mastering the androgynous looks is still a little trick one for me, power looks is something that I completely vouch for. I recently happened to create a few of such looks. I, myself fell in love with how they turned out to be. Both the outfits were in a single robust colour each and were neither too feminine nor delicate. Grey as such happens to be my favourite colour when you wish to make a statement and get noticed.

I just loved the little experiment with the bottoms. There was no definition given to the silhouette and that made it a statement in itself.

There is this thing with POWER DRESSING. One needs to completely believe in what they are wearing and let their own personality take over the outfit. You need to feel ‘I mean business’ in order to give out that message. I absolutely loved all these three looks. Rather I can carry them from day till night with a little change in accessories. I am very sure they will get me complements anywhere I’ll go.

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Lots of love,

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold