YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM are flooded with video tutorials on ‘How to do Makeup’, but rarely would someone tell you when to stop putting on more makeup. Yes, I know you love putting on makeup, and so do I. But too much makeup does more harm than no makeup at all. No woman wants to look like a clown with all the colours in the palette being thrown in onto her face. Contouring your face too much makes one look more sunken and underfed, than any glamorous. Too much of blush-on highlights one’s cheeks more like a clown rather than making you look naturally flushed out like a fairy. Too dramatic a false lash takes away from the natural beauty of your features and makes one look scary, rather than any more pretty.

When to know your MAKEUP is getting TOO MUCH?

– Your natural features and the look of your face gets hidden behind layers and layers of makeup. It is difficult to recognize you and not for any good reason. But only because you look like a totally different person.

– Your skin feels a little heavy. The moment you can feel that you are wearing quite some makeup, that means it has definitely gone a little overboard.

– Using all the products that are there in your vanity for one makeup look. This one is a disaster and a lot of girls end up doing so, as a result of watching those numerous tutorials.

– Trying to copy some unrealistic makeup fads from online tutorials and then trying them out. Every makeup look doesn’t need over-the-top fake lashes. They are only used in the videos to enhance the overall look.

– If your skin colour is looking shades lighter than your natural skin tone, you have certainly messed up the base. If your base is visible and noticeable than it’s not GOOD MAKEUP.

– Click a picture of yourself with the makeup. If it comes out looking unnatural or something is too loud, you have definitely gone wrong.

How to not end up looking like a MAKEUP Vanity Box?

– Don’t use all the makeup products that you have in your vanity for just one look.

– If you are not a pro at makeup, use lesser number of products, build on gradually.

– Don’t go crazy applying too much of contour, blush on and highlighter. It won’t really pull up your cheeks. Apply in moderation. Also, a good highlighter is one that reflects the light when it falls on your face. Not the one that makes your skin look shiny and greasy. Apply in moderation.

– Always USE THE FOUNDATION IN YOUR OWN SKIN SHADE. Don not use anything lighter. Be mindful of the warm and cool undertones.

– Use the right brushes for each purpose and blend the makeup really well.

– Fake eyelashes are not necessary all the time. Coats of mascara applied properly creates a more symmetric and natural look.

– Do not copy any video tutorial blindly. Try to learn the makeup tricks by watching a lot of videos. Then apply those tricks while doing your own makeup but only according to your own face.

– Before leaving the house, ask someone if your makeup doesn’t look too jarring or loud.

– Loving Makeup is one thing, but you can’t be doing a wedding makeup look for dinner at a relative’s home. Suit the occasion.

– Always try to highlight your natural features and the beauty of your face with Makeup. Never aim to look like someone else when you put on makeup.

– Invest in your makeup products. Buy some really good brands. Research well. Always remember quality over quantity.

– Lastly, LESS IS MORE. NO matter what the Influencers or Beauty bloggers go about preaching, too much of a makeup is always a disaster.

Remember women used to wear makeup and look stunning even in the times when there were no primers, concealers, lip fillers, fake lashes and contour kits. Even with few basic makeup products, you can really look very well put together. The beauty industry does create a lot of hype and necessity around using a lot of makeup products, because that is what drives the sales. Do not fall for every bait that is thrown at you. Idea is to wear makeup on your face to look prettier, not to promote how much makeup you own through it.



Stay lovely, till I meet you next !

Garima// Team LadyInRoseGold