Wedding Day Outfit Ideas for the GROOMS in 2020

We love our Grooms as much as we love our Brides. And experience has taught us that it is as difficult to find those perfect wedding day outfits for a Groom as it for the bride. Well, the grooms these days are equally selective and picky and do not just go ahead with anything that they see. We love our Grooms to look dapper, suave and all sorts of handsome on their Wedding day. A couple looks only as good individually as they look together as a couple. This thought prompted us to compile together the most trending Wedding Day outfit ideas for Grooms in 2020. For more of the  Oufit Ideas for the Bride and the Groom, check out our catgory ‘Luxury Trousseau Shopping’.

There is no dearth of designer labels and brands that are doing some great outfit designs for Grooms these days. The top most in the league are definitely designers like Shantanu and Nikhil, Raghavendra Rathore, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Kunal Rawal, Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi, Siddhartha Tytler to name a few. But there are also a lot of other labels that do some exquisite menswear collection. One can definitely browse through the online and store collections of Manyavar, Diwan SAHIB, Ethnix by Raymonds, Awadh by Kamal Lakhwani. For those, who do not wish to spend exuberantly on top notch designers of India, there are also a lot of luxurious designer stores that specialize only in Wedding Day outfits for Grooms. Our personalized Trousseau Shopping and Styling services will have our team of stylists work on your preference and shop the best of these looks for you.

Best Wedding Day Outfit Ideas for the Groom in 2020

  1. Luxurious Sherwanis and Achkans in Off-white, Whites, Ivories and Beige

Well, this one’s no surprise. This is probably what most Grooms opt for.  The reason being that this has been a classic for years. But while opting for a light coloured Sherwani or Achkan, do focus on the detailing like buttons, cuffs. These are what define the outfit. Also, the embroideries and the handwork shall be very delicate and rich in appeal. Also, a lot of Grooms prefer this combination because it really complements any colour that the Bride Chooses to wear.

Wedding Day Outfit
Indian Grooms
Grooms of Sabyasachi

2. Sherwanis in Prints, Embroideries and Solid Colours

For Grooms who wish a stronger style statement with their Wedding day outfit, some bold colours and embroideries really work well. One can opt for a Sherwani, or an achkan. Keep the silhouette rich and traditional. Wear an accessory like a Shawl, neckpiece or a stole to amplify the overall effect. This look comes out best when it is also colour coordinated with the Bride’s outfit. You can either wear hues of the same colour or contrasting colours. If your Bride is wearing a very neutral colour like an ivory, or a gold, or a light pink, the Groom can opt for a dark contrasting shade. For ore on coordinated outfits, read our blog post.

Indian Groom
Wedding Day outfit
Wedding day outfit

3. Short Length Achkans or Blazers Paired with Trousers or Jodhpuris

This one is for the Grooms with a bold and daring personality. If you wish to experiment opt for something that is moderately modern yet luxuriously traditional, opt for a Short length embroidered blazer and pair it with neutral trousers. Wear some smart accessories and make sure to wear a stunning piece of footwear as it would be a lot more visible in this case. Also, short looks go best with Grooms with a tall and lean frame. You would not want any extra flab to show off in such a silhouette.

Wedding Day

Image Credits – Grooms of Sabyasachi and Kunal Rawal

4. Indo Western Looks with Embroideries and Embellishments

This is the hottest trend of 2020. Grooms these days, want looks that have elements of both modernity and tradition. Wearing something too they are not too comfortable carrying or that doesn’t go with their flamboyant personality is passe. If you have the charm and the body language to carry this off, then do go for it. Grooms are opting for Sherwanis and achkans with a strong eye-catchy motif. Embellished patchworks or embroideries or gold leafing are also very much in demand. Just ensure that what you wear also goes well with the vibe of your Bride’s outfit. Colors like Blues, browns and pastels work really well in such looks.

Wedding Day outfits
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5. Royal looks in Velvet and other rich fabrics with old world traditional silhouettes

If heritage ,luxurious, old world are really the words that resonate well with you, go all out for such a look. Brocade silks, rich velvets, pashminas, will all suit you well. Opt for a very traditional silhouette like a Kurta with Salwar and a pashmina shawl. Keep everything from the accessories, shoes, jewellery very royal, heritage and bespoke. Pair it up well with your Bride who shall also choose a very luxurious and royalty befitting outfit. If you both can carry the look well, it would surely look like a couple of some old world regal setting.

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