A Wild Flower OR a Charming Princess – the tale of the Indian Modern Woman

When my team and I had sat down to create a mood board for this look, I had a very clear vision in my mind. This outfit is from the Indian designer ‘Param Sahib’ who is known for the eccentric use of patterns and colours in his modern Indian wear. His take on Indian clothes is rather on the whimsical modern side than conventionally traditional. The bright sunflower yellow of the blouse with the ruffled sleeves particularly caught my fancy. It had that enchanting Princessly vibes that totally mesmerized my thought process. I wanted to plan my entire Mood board around that.

In my words, this is the essence of my vision for this look:-

“Wildflower or a Charming Princess

As much as her exteriors exuded the vibes

Royal and pretty and all so dainty

Her heart refrained hard from conforming,

Princess was certainly not her natural calling or the preferred disposition.

Her heart hastened far and wild, into the unchartered, unexplored

Paving way to all that it desired and of course unconstrained, uncontrolled.

Like a WILDFLOWER, craving no attention, no interventions and no boundaries

She realised YES, she was the Princess, Charming or not, but a Wildflower Princess.

Princess of her own heart, her being and her part

Yes, WILDFLOWER PRINCESS she was, making her own rules and ruling her own roost.


As a Modern Woman from India, having been born and brought up in the Capital City Delhi, I can’t deny I have still always felt torn. We women are brought up with best of the education, provided with most of the amenities resonant with an urban living, and loved and pampered almost as much as our male sibling. Yet as we grow up, the expectations of the people around become way too heavy to carry. Being always taught to be strongheaded, clear and focused, yet as we enter adulthood, we are expected to behave submissive, subservient and adherent almost unquestioningly. The society looks at us as just pretty creatures only good for visual satiation and rather compartmentalizes us into various beauty standards.

Education imparts exposure and exposure leads to awakening and understanding of self-worth and other deeper things in life. After having been enlightened to the world and having learnt how to stand on her own ground, how can a modern woman be expected to obey without any logical reasoning. We have always been taught to explore and enhance our individuality, find our standing. Then how do we forget it all and become willing to succumb to the mediocre one fine day.

This turmoil baffles the mind and soul of every other modern woman of today. Some might have found their answers, but most of them are struggling through this journey. Often succumbing to self-doubt, self-loathing, bitterness, resentment  along the way, all this while indulging in overthinking, and days of endless introspection.

And when oppressed for far too long, conspicuously or otherwise, the shackles of conformity break. And why not, she is a Wildflower at the end of the day. Often, we forget, she might be agile and all charming, but she is that POWER that brings NEW LIFE into this World. A Princess who is strong and determined yet behaves constrained for the sake of her loved ones. And when that love or expectations become way too restrictive or damaging to her own identity, she breaks free like a Wildflower. Consequent to years of staunch Social conditioning passed on through generations, we women have been taught to accept oppression as a normalcy. It has entered into our sublime thought process. But it is hard to strangle a Wildflower. She will bloom and grow and establish herself far and wild, no matter if nurtured with care and attention or not.

I just hope the underlying though that we were trying to imply through the visuals and the whole mood board has come out well. Coming to the fashion aesthetics of this outfit, it was a hot summer afternoon in May, when we shot this look at an outdoor location in Jaipur. The colours are just too beautiful and vivid. I loved the blouse particularly with its multicolored patchwork and the very feminine graceful sleeves. It does make for a perfect outfit to be worn during the festive season. The hair were adorned with colorful flowers to bring out the vibes of a dainty Princess yet giving out the imagery connotation of a wild flower.


If you are looking for some interesting unconventional Indian wear outfits for this Diwali, this look might be the perfect fit for you.

Till we meet next,

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold