Reasons for the Growing Popularity of ESPORTS

‘Electronic Sports’ or better known as ESPORTS is one of the most profitable and popular sports platform these days. The industry has been blooming globally and has shaped up as one of the most evolved, mature and professional sports competitions. In this form of playing, the online game between two competitors or competing teams is being viewed and cheered by online spectators in a virtual environment. According to reports, over 380 million people watch Esports worldwide, both online and in person. Given its digital accessibility and mass popularity, the form of sports has gained immense credibility as being the forerunner for monetary investments.

We are living in a very rapidly changing world. Technology has embraced us from head to toe or better to say, we have immersed ourselves in technological advancements. With a global pandemic making social distancing an inevitable norm, the digitization of every aspect of our lives has hit upon us much sooner and faster than we could ever fathom. eSports have already been a rage worldwide for more than a decade now, but in the new world situation the madness has increased manifold.

With live sports almost on halt and no major tournaments taking place, people are inclined to satiate their competitive monsters sitting in the comforts of their room. Video games and online games have seen a major rise, but it is the eSports that have taken up major chunk of the pie. People all over the globe, love to tune in and watch their favorite players or teams wrestle up against each other in these tournaments. The games are highly competitive and mentally stimulating. The adrenaline rush that one gets out of them sitting at the edge of their seat is just something to be experienced.

eSports in India

The fan base for eSports world over has been growing at an exponential rate. By 2023, the eSports industry is expected to surpass the staggering revenue figures of 1.5 billion dollars. The Social isolation and the lockdown phase has only further aided in the realization of these figures sooner than expected. With mainstream celebrities like Michael Jordan, Drake and DJ Marshmellow endorsing and cheering up for these games on public platforms, the industry has already received the push it just needed. With a hurricane like intensity, the eSports industry has already replaced the old school world of video games and gaming portals and established its foothold amongst the gamers for a long term. The viewership is already recording a growth at 9% compound annual growth rate and would reach the mark of 646 million by 2023, as per the Business Insider Intelligence reports.

An impactful reason behind this sort of growth has also been the intelligent marketing and live streaming of these games. Gaming-specific streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube Gaming leave no stone unturned in establishing a direct connect between the fans and the players. You feel sitting next to your favourite champion/ player in your own drawing room while the match is on. This mainstreaming of games that appeals to both your mental and visual sensory stimulation has what has led to such accelerating popularity of this format of gaming.

It is believed that this unprecedented fascination with this form of gaming is going to outlast the current pandemic situation as well. With traditional platforms like ESPN including, rather giving a major spot to Esports in their programming schedules, the fans have been further glued to this form of gaming. More and more private equity firms and venture capitalists have been lured to invest handsome amounts in this lucrative business. When ESPN started off with broadcasting League of Legends’ Spring Split Payoffs in April, amidst the peak of the pandemic, it received TRP’s and viewership it had never anticipated.


Growing popularity of eSports globally

Some of the most popular eSports that have viewers stuck to their screens world over are League of Legends, Star Craft 11, Counter Strike, Fortnite, Dota 2, and Overwatch. As of 2020, League of Legends happens to be the most played game internationally, and consequentially is the most competitive esport game of the moment. These games enhance the problem solving and strategy based skill development skills in its players. These are professional competitive games and the teams indulge in a lot of brainstorming, skill enhancement and planning to decide upon the course of their strategy while competing against other teams.

An idea of the popularity can be drawn from the mere fact that by 2021, Esports is touted to be the second next in popularity to NFL, scoring ahead of Major League Baseball and the much revered NBA Tournament. Read more about all latest trends on our category  ‘LIFESTYLE’.

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