The much IN VOGUE DENIM DRESSES to have in your Wardrobe

Women as well as men have happened to love DENIMS since forever. Be it denims as the much popularly known ‘JEANS’ or as ‘DENIM DRESSES’. If we dig a little deeper, it all started in 1853. A man named LEVI STRAUSS in San Francisco was into his family business of manufacturing fabrics. Once, bored of producing the regular stuff, he worked upon a cotton fabric called ‘DENIM’ and sold it to a man named Jacob W Davis. And this is how the much popular ‘Denim ‘ came into being circulated amongst the masses. Before this, no one really cared much about the blue cotton fabric.

Jacob who was a tailor, initially used this fabric to make blankets, tents and workwear. It was only a while later that he made the first pair of trousers using the fabric and called it ‘waist overalls.’ It was much later in the history that those pairs came to be called as ‘JEANS’ as we know of them today. These two men later founded one of the biggest brands in the DENIM industry today, better known as ‘LEVIS STRAUSS’.

Coming to the current times, we all love our Denim Jeans as well as our Denim Dresses and Denim Jackets. There are quite a few reasons behind the unanimous and undying love for this fabric. Firstly, no matter what the season, Denims always look unconditionally chic, stylish and trendy. Secondly, a denim standalone piece is extremely versatile. You can pair it with almost anything in your closet and you would still make a statement. Even for the accessories, both the traditional jewellery as well as modern contemporary accessories look stylish with denims. Lastly, a denim piece of clothing never goes out of fashion. Even if it costs you a bomb, it is worth the investment. A denim jacket or a denim dress still looks new and wearable even after years of being repeated.

Highstreet brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Guess, Zara, Diesel, Fossil have always had some amazing denim pieces in their collection. You can pick your favourite styles from the brands of your affordability. Either stay true to your personal style or be free to experiment out of your comfort zone, a denim look will never leave you disappointed. We have bookmarked some of the trendiest and much in vogue denim dress styles for this season. We hope you get inspired enough to move out and shop a denim dress or order one for yourself online.

1. Short Sexy Denim Dresses

These dresses look best on girls with tall legs. Still, there are no rules for girls who love dressing up and can carry anything with elan. Try to sport these dresses with pencil heels, pumps or wedges as they would give an illusion of further height and also amp up the glam quotient of the whole look. For the hair try an open hair look or a low bun. Put on some nice lip shade and sunglasses or a hat and there is no way you won’t grab eyeballs for your dressing style.

Denim dresses
Denim dresses
Denim dresses

2. Long Comfortable easy to wear Denim Dresses

These are one of my personal favourite. There are just as many ways to style these dresses and play around ad there are stars in the night sky to gaze. Wear them over a shirt or a turtle neck in winters. These dresses make for an ideal outfit both in summers and in winters. Easy to carry and suitable for every occasion, a long denim dress would never let down the fashionista in you.

Long Denim Dress
Long Denim Dresses
Denim dress

3. Denim Shirt Dress

If you are a fun, sporty girl or someone who loves fuss free bohemian dressing, these shirt denim dresses are a must have in your wardrobe. Pair them with a belt or a scarf or just add a hat. These shirt dresses look the best when kept fuss free. Do not add too many accessories. A nice pair of shoes, sneakers or flats should complement the easy on the eye casual vibe of the whole look.

Shirt Dress
Shirt Dress

4. Off Shoulder Denim Dresses

Denim and off shoulder, that is surely a sexy combination. Do not accessorize too much. Let your collar bones peep out well. Some sleek gold chain jewellery or a watch and bracelet should be enough. Do not make the look too jazzy by over accessorizing it.

Denim dress

5. Denim Dresses with ruffled sleeves

These dresses are hard to find. But if you manage to grab eyes on one, do not let it go. A ruffled denim dress would be one of the most stylish pieces of outfit in your wardrobe for a very long time. To give the whole look a classy touch, wear pumps, carry a classy tote or a clutch, wear your favourite dark mauve lipstick. You will just look as hot as a damsel in the gathering.

Denim dresses
Denim dress
Summer dresses

All these looks are non-negotiable to possess when it comes to curating a stylish wardrobe. Choose your favourite style of a denim dress and style it differently each time to have more fun ! For more fashion related inspiration, do check our category ‘FASHION’.

Lots of Love

Garima/Team LadyInRoseGold