Why can't people in India INVITE 50 GUESTS and GET MARRIED?

Just a day post Delhi Government announcing a cap of maximum 50 Guests allowed to accumulate for a Wedding ceremony, a well-known hotel in the North-West Delhi has been booked for flouting the term. A public complaint was reported against the CITY PARK hotel in Pitampura, Delhi for accommodating a gathering of 150 guests for a Wedding. An FIR has been hailed against both the property owners as well as the family hosting the Wedding for going against the rule of 50 guests as laid down by the Delhi government.

This particular episode and all else that has been husting around in the Wedding industry post this announcement raises a very pertinent question. ‘Why is it so difficult for the families to stick to the limit of 50 people and get their children married?’ From the point of view of the vendors involved in the Wedding business, it is quite understandable. The sudden fall of the limit from 200 guests to 50 guests has taken them aback by shock. The coming one month was the peak time for the weddings and all the vendors had planned up their business efforts accordingly. This sudden announcement would be a huge blow to their business and they would suffer losses. Communities like Wedding caterers, Wedding photographers, Banquet owners, florists had all been seeing a lump period in their business through the entire last 6 months and this was their only hope to revive. So, the panic and anxiety amongst them is quite justifiable and understandable. Maybe the government should not have straightaway given an allowance to 200 people to get together for a wedding. They should have gradually increased the number to 100 and then seen the impact. This sudden jump and fall has adversely affected quite a lot of industry segments.

But what is it with the people of Delhi who can’t plan their weddings with just 50 guests in attendance? Ideally, even if the government relaxes the norms, we all need to realize that the pandemic is still very much there and almost on its peak. Even if the government allows 200 people, we should still be judicious and cautious enough ourselves to plan an intimate wedding at this point in time. What is the point of gathering 200 people and take upon the risk of getting Corona infected? Even if 1 person out of those 200 is Corona positive, don’t we all run the risk of catching the virus?

50 Guests
50 Guests

Intimate Weddings with just 50 Guests in attendence

Also, looking at the current scenario, what is such a big deal about inviting and getting married amidst just 50 people. Weddings were always supposed to be an intimate affair. The real essence of a marriage between two people is of them coming together and forming a lifelong union and committing themselves and their lives to each other. Even if we do not have all the splendor and pomp and show of this world to accompany this sacred ceremony, would the worth of the union or the bond become any lesser? Can’t two individuals get tied down in this holy union amidst the presence of their families and a couple of friends? Is it really so important to feed 200 to 400 people and celebrate at a mammoth scale, even if all of you run the risk of contracting a virus amidst this celebration?

Yes, this sudden decision at the Governments end has been unforeseen and has unfortunately put a lot of families who have their wedding in the coming days in a muddled baffling situation. But it is strange to hear people cancelling their weddings altogether because they cannot get married amidst just 50 people. Also, with families being in huge mounting stress as to how to uninvite guests just a few days before the wedding. They do not want to miff their closed ones and disappoint or hurt them. But it is strange to even fathom, how could someone be miffed at not being called to a wedding during this Global Pandemic situation. Isn’t everyone very well aware of the current crisis and also the life threat that it tags along.

In the end, it is only advisable that if you wish to marry the love of your life and want to move forward in your life, GET MARRIED. It doesn’t really matter whether you take the vows amidst 50 close loved ones, or an entire gathering of 500 acquaintances. The vows between you two individuals should be sacred and pious and your commitment towards each other infallible. Have a close knit celebration, good food, lots of love and a great fun gala time. You would definitely cherish these days as the best days of your life and probably having an INTIMATE WEDDING as the best decision of your life.