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About Me

Fashion has the power to heal this world. And I have relentlessly believed this all my life, and now so with an even stronger conviction since I am a part of this industry. I wasn’t too sure of what was it, but there was something that would constantly pull me towards fashion, beauty, style, and anything that was aesthetically inclined, since for as long as I can remember. I would initially dismiss it as my vanity and so would people around, but the force of the pull was so strong that I could not refrain from acknowledging it for too long.

With a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Literature and some confident speaking skills, a well settled conventional Corporate job was the natural settlement. I did do it, and did it with my full commitment and hard work, but no denial, my heart laid somewhere else.

Finally, after 6 years of working in the Human Resources industry, I finally bid my good byes to a well settled job and started off with nurturing and growing my own big dream ‘LADYINROSEGOLD’. It stems from my innate desire to filter and showcase fashion, luxury and lifestyle through my own unique thought process and propagate the fact that beauty has its own language. It has different definitions, different appeal to each one of us and everyone’s holds true in equal measures.

A luxury stylist, a trousseau shopper and a content creator, I work on embracing and propelling everything that is trending in the world of fashion and luxury through as many mediums as I can. My personal style is a little biased to simplicity, elegance and a natural poise and the same is reflected in all my endorsements.

And yes, if we all have beauty and fashion encapsulating our hearts and minds all the time, the world would definitely be a more beautiful place to live in. Because what is BEAUTIFUL is Good and hence, good is Beautiful.

So, lets spread the goodness around, the beauty would by default take its course.